Srsly are SEOs Really That Easy To Manipulate?

I see some of the newer SEO’s on the block falling for the same old Calacanis mind tricks that have been going on for years. Jason who has a BA in psychology is pretty fricking amazing in his manipulation of the SEO and affiliate industry driving tons of traffic and links to his newest startup Mahalo.

Do you dipsticks really think Danny will not let him speak at a conference because he is “controversial” oOoOoOoOo. His controversial talks have driving more press then any other speaker ever at SES/SMX.

Welcome SSS newest member of the jasonnation to promote him to the frontpage of another social network.

Please read a post I wrote 1.4 years ago called Calacanis Plays SEO’s Like a Fiddle

Also Jason has agreed to come on my radioshow and SEO Rockstars several times yet…. never seems to make it =P

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