Starting in a New Market – ShoeMoney Show

Jen Slegg co-hosts todays shoemoney show. We started off talking about my newest venture fighters and how its a great new challenge for me personally being its a totally new market for us to penetrate. As mentioned quite a bit the question I get asked most is “what would you do tomorrow if you had to start over?”. Well you can watch live with fighters.

Later in the show Jen goes off on a small rant about finding porn links in kids youtube videos and why google can’t police them better. I comment that if most sites were policed as bad as Youtube they would be yanked or penalized out of the index. (See squidoo)

It was a very last minute planned show so we just kind of went with it. I will try to get a good guest for nextweeks show. I think Jen makes a awesome co-host.

If you have any sugestions for future guests let me know!

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