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by Jeremy Schoemaker on April 22, 2008 · 42 comments

Jen Slegg co-hosts todays shoemoney show. We started off talking about my newest venture fighters and how its a great new challenge for me personally being its a totally new market for us to penetrate. As mentioned quite a bit the question I get asked most is “what would you do tomorrow if you had to start over?”. Well you can watch live with fighters.

Later in the show Jen goes off on a small rant about finding porn links in kids youtube videos and why google can’t police them better. I comment that if most sites were policed as bad as Youtube they would be yanked or penalized out of the index. (See squidoo)

It was a very last minute planned show so we just kind of went with it. I will try to get a good guest for nextweeks show. I think Jen makes a awesome co-host.

If you have any sugestions for future guests let me know!

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Interesting aspects discussed here. Thanks for the show – enjoy it regularly and often listen to over and over. Provide a good service and peole will come. Started to break up a bit towards the end. Regards.

2 Terra Andersen

I definitely enjoyed this, thanks for sharing!

3 T

The “play” button of WebmasterRadio doesn’t work/appear on rss feeds :(

4 Melvin

For me personally its hard to start out in a new market… Previously I was into basketball sports/advertising and some other fantasy sports and now I have decided to take a try on intrnt mrketing which was for me a really competitive market… But I think in every niche or market you can start differently in some ways…

5 Tim

Did you see that show on CNBC about UFC awhile back? There was a bit about Tapout and how they started really small and just built it up. I think if you guys just go to fights (or hire people to do it for you) and hand out branded stuff (t-shirts, whathever), you’ll get a more traffic over time. The key is for Dillsmack to keep cranking out those interactive parts of the site so that users will keep adding content and make it viral.

Your comments on working for Google are pretty funny. While driving through Mtn. View last week I stopped at Taco Bell and heard some Google guy bitching about many hours he has to work–12, 13 hour days. He says, when I start my new job at Facebook things will be better. Hah! Let’s just say I know someone very, very well who has been working at Facebook for a few years and life there ain’t much different. You have a pretty good job even if you have to live in Nebraska :).

I’d like to see you get your friend Kris Jones on talking about his new book. I’ve been reading it the past few days and I’m learning a helluva lot from it. Very well done!

6 Terry Tay

I agree, it will take a bit of time for to start moving up in the MMA web community but I’m sure Jeremy and co. have some things planned. I believe he mentioned something about sponsoring a fighter, but that didn’t happen, so perhaps they’ll try that route again.

7 Meethere

The figher site looks great.
Liked the talk, best of luck with your new venture.

8 staff writer Greg

The fighter site looks great. I train a MMA fighter thats still in college and if you could show how dedicated a fighter has to be to be a winner the site would be better than Rocky IV.

9 vow

Always been a UFC fan.
The site looks nice – set up well.
The online radio show works. Nice to add a voice to the words.

10 Web Marketeer

Like your fighter site. With your marketing skills success should be fait accompli. It is a new market for you, but the basics will always be the basics. Best of luck, and I’ll follow the progress with keenly (very nice URL by the way!)

11 web design

Would be cool to have someone completely unknown in the show, love the fighters site too.

12 Melvin

wow, thats great man…

13 Rockstar Sid

Woow.. the fighter site does look amazing and that’s really GREAT!!!

14 Rockstar Sid

Man that is amazing!!!

15 Hustle Strategy

I definitely listen, but once is enough… ;)

16 Hustle Strategy

organization will be great :) will be nice to hear it without the background noise. great content and worth listening to though.

17 Samir

Good luck ! Sounds like fun

18 Verbal

I agree that it is tough to start in a new market but, if you have knowledge you have a chance. It should definitely be something you know about.

19 Website Reviews

So far I have been rather impressed with I have been following it for a while! I don’t necessarily agree with all the picks made there or the rankings, but that is what makes it better than many of the other sites, it doesn’t fall in line with them!

20 Hustle Strategy

MY BIG COMPLAINT, I WANTED TO FIND OUT WHO WON THE FIGHTS MONDAY. I THOUGHT WHY NOT CHECK OUT SHOE’S NEW SITE. NOT ON FRONT PAGE OF FIGHTERS??????? I AM NOT GOING TO TRY AND FIND IT, I WILL GOOGLE NEWS IT FIRST. The week after a fight, there has to be some type of fighter recap. I think there should be a column on the right or left side that list the results of the night. The column could have the 3-5 most recent events with a link to the scoreboard of all previous events.

21 Hustle Strategy

I also thought it was huge news with Calvin stepping down, glad you brought that up during the show. I am not in the know as much as you guys on his situation, but I thought he was able to enter her without problem. I am probably wrong though.

22 Paul

Great suggestion Hustle. I would like to see a recap and maybe some rankings and talk about who should fight next.

23 ShoeMoney

Good sugestions. We have been looking for writers for a while. The site is only a few weeks old but its coming along.

24 Empire Auto Pilot Jon

The graphics and the layout are really nice. Good luck with your project.

25 Brian Cox

Intresting, i like hearing these, some good tips passed on

26 safe

thanks for the great tips!
love the site.

27 Terry Tay

So good you just had to say it twice ;-)

I wonder how many times you’ll say it once they really get the site rolling.

28 SanchezBoy

Thanks for castes, personally it has very much liked me.

29 Website Reviews

Shoe, I watch every UFC, WEC, and Elite XC event and watch many of the smaller events. I would be more than willing to write up a results page for the big events! Let me know!

30 Hon

I can’t believe you wouldn’t take $5 billion dollars never to come back in the US again.

There are so many awesome places in the world you can live and you could easily pay for family to come and visit you any time – like visit you on your super yacht in Saint Tropez.

Come on.

There’s no way that residence in any country is worth $5 billion dollars.

31 Web Marketeer

Excellent idea! Fresh, current news is what is needed to ensure popularity.

32 gendut

success starting from the great challenge….

33 Hypnosis Dude

Great show, and Jen does make an awesome co-host. Perhaps she could host the show when you’re not available ?

34 Asia'h Epperson

Really like your fighter site Shoe! I wish you all the luck and if anyone can make it in a new market, we know you can!

35 Nate Hill

Sounds like really good fun and good luck at it. Will love to see how this turns out.

36 Seo Creations


37 Cash In Your Pocket...By Tomorrow

I wanna be on the show! lol

38 uwak

I don’t have any idea….just enjoy the articles…

39 gendut

shoe….your life start from challenge to challenge….great!!!!

40 Hekim

Thanks for castes, personally it has very much liked me.

41 BusinessX

Subscribed and downloading now. Though the link I have only has shows from June 3rd and older. Is there a newer location?


Hey Shoe! I want to hear more about radical and insane net marketers. You know, the fearless ones braving cold and flu to hold dot-signs behind the NCAA and NFL pre-game shows.

Or, the one screaming a domain name during a press conference. Bring on the radicals!

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