Making Money With The YouTube Partner Program

At SXSW in the bloghaus I was talking to some of the top youtube’rs and they were telling me about the YouTube partner program. Now don’t get this confused with the Adsense for Video program. With the YouTube partner program you get a revenue share from the money that YouTube makes. So I applied by going to the YouTube Partner page. Filled out the application which was pretty simple then a few hours later I got a email saying that I had been approved. I had read that its pretty hard to get approved but…. If I can get approved then I am guessing its not THAT hard.

One approved you have to link up a AdSense account so they have you sign in and give your Adsense account login information for the account you are going to get paid through.

The final step is going through the tutorial where they show you all the terms of service and rules of the program. Its pretty self explanatory. Of the 13 steps I think 5 of them are devoted to copyright rules. They are very concerned about you uploading original content (obviously) and especially for this partner program.

So how does the money work? Well here is some of the info from the tutorial.

How your videos can generate revenue

* When you designate a video for revenue sharing, YouTube will place ads “inside” or near the video.
* You will earn a share of the revenue that is generated from ad impressions occurring when these videos are viewed.
* For more details on revenue sharing, please review the Content Hosting Agreement at the end of this tutorial.

As I stated above they are VERY strict on the content you can submit:

Do not upload any TV shows, music videos, music concerts, or commercials without permission unless they consist entirely of content you created yourself. The Copyright Tips page and the Community Guidelines can help you determine whether your video infringes someone else’s copyright.

By clicking “Upload Video,” you are representing that this video does not violate YouTube’s Terms of Use and that you own all copyrights in this video or have express permission from all copyright owners to upload it.

What does this mean?

* Do not use:
o A photograph
o Any music
o Any movie or TV visuals
o Any artwork
o Any play, theatrical work, or concert

…unless you have the permission of the person who created or produced it
* Also:
o Make sure you get permission from people who are featured in your video
o Don’t include “bad stuff” that is prohibited in our Community Guidelines

Now when I look at my video’s this is what I see:

You even need to tell YouTube a bit about what your video is about that you want to receive a revenue share for:

As for when you get paid seems inline with AdSense:

When and how you get paid

* We’ll send your check or EFT payment within approximately 60 days of the end of the month in which your account balance reaches US$100.
* For example, if you earn $105 in January, we’ll send payment to you by the end of March.
* If your account balance is less than US$100 at the end of the month, we’ll roll your earnings over to the following month, until the payment threshold is reached.
* You will have the option of receiving payment in US dollars or in a local currency.
* Your AdSense account will start displaying your revenue 60 to 90 days after you have joined the partnership—but don’t worry, all your revenue is being accrued in the meantime.

Now do not get to excited… the top youtubers I talked to make piss so I doubt I will really cash in but its still nice to give it a whirl 😉