Making Money With The YouTube Partner Program

by Jeremy Schoemaker on April 17, 2008 · 237 comments

At SXSW in the bloghaus I was talking to some of the top youtube’rs and they were telling me about the YouTube partner program. Now don’t get this confused with the Adsense for Video program. With the YouTube partner program you get a revenue share from the money that YouTube makes. So I applied by going to the YouTube Partner page. Filled out the application which was pretty simple then a few hours later I got a email saying that I had been approved. I had read that its pretty hard to get approved but…. If I can get approved then I am guessing its not THAT hard.

One approved you have to link up a AdSense account so they have you sign in and give your Adsense account login information for the account you are going to get paid through.

The final step is going through the tutorial where they show you all the terms of service and rules of the program. Its pretty self explanatory. Of the 13 steps I think 5 of them are devoted to copyright rules. They are very concerned about you uploading original content (obviously) and especially for this partner program.

So how does the money work? Well here is some of the info from the tutorial.

How your videos can generate revenue

* When you designate a video for revenue sharing, YouTube will place ads “inside” or near the video.
* You will earn a share of the revenue that is generated from ad impressions occurring when these videos are viewed.
* For more details on revenue sharing, please review the Content Hosting Agreement at the end of this tutorial.

As I stated above they are VERY strict on the content you can submit:

Do not upload any TV shows, music videos, music concerts, or commercials without permission unless they consist entirely of content you created yourself. The Copyright Tips page and the Community Guidelines can help you determine whether your video infringes someone else’s copyright.

By clicking “Upload Video,” you are representing that this video does not violate YouTube’s Terms of Use and that you own all copyrights in this video or have express permission from all copyright owners to upload it.

What does this mean?

* Do not use:
o A photograph
o Any music
o Any movie or TV visuals
o Any artwork
o Any play, theatrical work, or concert

…unless you have the permission of the person who created or produced it
* Also:
o Make sure you get permission from people who are featured in your video
o Don’t include “bad stuff” that is prohibited in our Community Guidelines

Now when I look at my video’s this is what I see:

You even need to tell YouTube a bit about what your video is about that you want to receive a revenue share for:

As for when you get paid seems inline with AdSense:

When and how you get paid

* We’ll send your check or EFT payment within approximately 60 days of the end of the month in which your account balance reaches US$100.
* For example, if you earn $105 in January, we’ll send payment to you by the end of March.
* If your account balance is less than US$100 at the end of the month, we’ll roll your earnings over to the following month, until the payment threshold is reached.
* You will have the option of receiving payment in US dollars or in a local currency.
* Your AdSense account will start displaying your revenue 60 to 90 days after you have joined the partnership—but don’t worry, all your revenue is being accrued in the meantime.

Now do not get to excited… the top youtubers I talked to make piss so I doubt I will really cash in but its still nice to give it a whirl ;)

full disclosure

About the author...

– who has written 2895 posts on

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of the ShoeMoney Blog, Elite Retreat Internet Conference, & the PAR Program. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 Amazon Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. Jeremy currently lives in Lincoln Nebraska with his wife and 2 daughters.

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1 Melvin

So its also an adsense type… I have signed and also get approved… yeah its really hard to… ;-)

2 Melvin

…and you know how i just wish that adsense would somehow consider paypal in the near future…

3 Christian

Sorry for the Trackback, it was a mistake…


4 Samir

I was surprised when you said that the top youtubers dont make much more than 5kish a month. I thought that with so many views you’d have to make more than that. I wonder if it depends on the video and the ads around it. So maybe if you do a video on insurance of lawyers you might make more.

5 Not John Chow

If anyone can make money at this the Shoe can! Please let us know how this works. My blog is too small to benefit from Adsense and I have not yet got my act together enough to tackle You Tube but, I like to live vicariously thru the shoe.

6 luq

Well, seems like a great program,but it looks like it’s gonna be hard to create a video based on their guidelines. But, i think if you manage to create a funny,viral video you could be making a lot from it for months based on the views those funny videos get, i havent seen many ‘sponsored’ videos on Youtube though.

Nevertheless Youtube has another wonderful ‘feature’ of giving you really good traffic if you create a video and watermark your site in it..

7 Affiliate Confession

Sounds a little involved for the amount of revenue it will probably generate. I guess you can earn a few bucks if your video goes viral though.

8 Hustle Strategy

Seems like it is good for getting names out there. Nike can work on brand recognition for cheap. But the click through rate probably is horrible because of the medium. There are probably better ways to make money on videos.

9 luq

yep,,,guess its not a good idea for advertisers,it is pretty good for publishers though as you get paid for impressions

10 Puissance

It is not difficult to get approved as long as you are a regular. They are looking for people who post videos somewhat regularly, probably because they are hoping to get some feedback. They sent me an email saying that I don’t have “sufficient original new content”. I have old content that people are still watching, but they want new stuff.

11 Flimjo

It’s sort of like a window of opportunity for wannabe film makers or frustrated commercial/tv producers. It’s still pretty cool, and it provides you with exposure and yet another way to make money.

12 Flimjo

It places the emphasis on creativity.

13 Flimjo

It has to be so bad (the click-through rate). I can’t imagine how it won’t be. I mean, it’s not a static image; it’s a running video.

14 Melvin

i’ll still give it a try…

15 GolfSpy X

Damn…anyone say STRICT!

16 Brick Marketing

Seems cool but we can see where people make “piss”…either way, it couldn’t hurt to sign up right?

17 The Internet Apprentice

I think this is worth a try. At the very least, it may help you promote your blog or business as well.

Thanks for the tip!

- Dave

18 Paul

A few extra dollars never hurt anyone. I can wait for the follow up.

19 Eric

Google and Paypal are competitors. It will never happen.

20 Loco

I hope google will make similar service like pay pal. As pay pal is still not available in lots of countries.

21 Popular Wealth

Nice review Jeremy, I don’t think youtube videos make much on a standalone website or money blog but when combined with a twitter message “hey, check out this video”, who knows. Let us know.

22 Ashley

Shoe – you said the top YouTuber’s you talked to were only making “piss” but what exactly is “piss.” Do you have some hard and fast numbers? And can you link to one of their pages so we can see how much video they’re producing to make “piss.”

This program might not make anyone any real money, but in the long run I think it’s where online video will be. Maybe they need better ad delivery, etc etc but a rev share on a site like You tube seems like a great idea.

23 Joseph Ratliff


Another great opportunity to put some “cha-ching” in the piggy bank.


Joseph Ratliff

24 Make Money Online

Hey that’s cool sound like youtube is playing chess, Good Move!

25 Make Money Online

Hey looks like YouTubes playing chess, Nice Move!

26 Website Reviews

Well with all the traffic top YouTubers get it is not a suprise to see this program. I am sure they will start to make more money over time!

27 Terry Tay

IF you are going to upload the videos anyways, you might as well make some extra money off them if they give you the option to do it. Makes sense to me ;-)

28 Terry Tay

I wonder when Google Cash is going to expand and if Adsense will offer that as a payment option in the future?

29 sikantis

Yes, me too, I’m very interested to read more about your real experience with it. Please write as soon as you have something.

30 sikantis

Another comment from sikantis: normally I like to visit the sites of other comment writers. Why can’t I find the websites of the others?

31 staff writer Greg

Wow !!!!!!the music rights will be tough to obtain…that rules out over half the videos on youtube……This sounds like a great moneymakers for the “jackass” wanna beeeees that do stunts. It may also be great for the make money online internet ramblings gurus that run the who is who top 100 blogs on the net… MGM better watch out shoemoney is in town.

32 Chetan

I think now its time for me too to make and publish good videos in youtube. Never thought a necessity for that before. Thanks for letting me know about this Shoe :)

33 Thinkjayant

Thanks for the info mate. I have many videos made with wallpapers in the background saying SAVE EARTH which i created out of passion and is lying on my hard drive. Wonder if i can use them. The wallpapers are collected from google images though

34 * Miss Universe

The ads really distract from the videos…..
Part of YouTube’s charm is the fact that it is basically a non commercial atmosphere

35 Georgia

I played with the Adsense for Video. It is a good feature for my sites, but the profit hasn’t been much. I might try this out as well. Video is definately the way to go now, it’s just finding the best fit.

36 Joe Cavell

I agree that having an effective network creates a solid foundation for any internet marketing. Now there is a system that helps you do just that and it absolutely free.

Based on web 2.0 and social marketing, (including YouTube) the Spiderweb Marketing System is a great way to get started.

It’s at least worth a look.

37 Dr. Teeth

Thanks for the tip jeremy.
I gonna try it now

38 Dr. Teeth

thats the main point here. people mistakenly click them and yo bonus for the publishers

39 Dr. Teeth

hey chetan, video advertising is the next gen media hype.

40 Dr. Teeth

lol, so funny of you MMO!

41 Dr. Teeth

why dont you join elite retreat, and then you can teach us ;-)

42 Dr. Teeth

thats the wish of tons of adsense subscribers.
i hope to see adsense paying out with paypal.

43 Horny Girls Here!

why would they take that much time to payout? Thats insane!

44 Paid Surveys Reviewed

This is interesting, I am interested to hear how well you do in terms of actual revenue. I suspect your videos are viewed a lot, but I suspect most are embedded. In this instance I am assuming there is little or no revenue to earn.

Keep us posted with results.


45 Web Marketeer

Video is definitely the way forward, sort of going from radio to television in the past century. It requires a different set of skills, especially if one produces and edits oneself, which will ultimately be the most cost effective. Will be fun trying, even if one eventually ends up enlisting the services of professionals. There is much learning to be done, and the sharing of information is appreciated!

46 Alex B.

This is a good thing. People will do their best to create quality videos. Thumb up for youtube on this one.

47 Googlelady

I think to get approved is easy for those that have certain amount of their own videos in their profile.

48 Meethere

How much you made till now from this youtube program ?
I am sure its very low.

49 opz

Thanks for great the ideas!
I gonna try it now


This is another chance for those just starting out making money online to get another source of, say $50 per month. Not a lot but get a hundred little bits like this and it adds up. It’s easy enough to do, requires only a little maintenance and just gets put into your account every so often. If I went around and checked every affiliate account I have online at any time, I estimate that I would have about $1000 total at any given time. Again, not a lot, but it adds up and if you analyse those that are consistent and see how the money is made and where the traffic comes from, you can build on that.

51 Gay Comic Book Fan

Hey, this is a great a post. Finally, a practical way to generate revenue via YouTube!

52 Debo Hobo

Okay I am going to give it a shot. I submitted my application a minute or so ago. I guess I need to create some videos now. Doh!!! Time to by a Flip Camera just incase I get approved :)

53 Deathdoom7

i have been acdepted woo!!!

54 Asia'h Epperson

Interesting. I’ve hear about that, but assumed it was the same as the Adsense version. Looks like another profitable stream for me to exploit! LOL

55 Tamish Mehra

Post some of your earnings screenshots .
I am sure you made a LOT .

56 Ire

You mentioned you filled out step two of the partner process. (Adsense account) Once you open one up, what’s suppose to happen? Will youtube automactically know you did this or do you need to contact them again, In order to move on to step three? Will youtube automatically link the ads to your channel. I’m so lost on step number two. Much Help Needed!


57 Vern at AimforAwesome

I was just approved for this program. I have a video of a cow with 7 legs that I make a joke about… It was viewed over 250K times I think. Other videos add up to another 400K views…. Is stuff like that going to be monetized well? I can’t imagine someone wanting to run an ad for their product or service over that. And that’s what I have – wacky stuff… eating scorpions and giant Chinese cockroaches and stuff. Seems like I might need to get serious and actually create something useful…. hmmm.

They are NOT real clear about permissions… they say – have your friends permission to use the video… not, we need signed releases from any identifiable person in the video or we can’t run it… strange. You always have implied permission if nobody is running away from the camera or beating you with a stick, throwing a sandwich at you or something. Is that all that’s necessary?

Strict – and not. I’m not too clear on whether I can show strangers at all in my vids. Not sure how well they’d need to be identified before I’d have to edit them out of the video… anyone have better insight into this? Shoe, you’re amazing.

58 dr prashant shetty

Thanks for the TIP something different will interest viewers no doubt

59 marius

how to be come you tube partner program

60 VlogHog

Why can’t you tell how much you make? People are always telling how much they make with Adsense. Google owns YouTube. What’s the problem?

61 youtube- dridliebitz

i actually have a question. you know how ad clicks make money, well if you click on your ad thats on your video. will the youtube staff know that you just made yourself like 100.00 bucks or something.. or will they think that like that many people just clicked on the ad. cuz i thought that if i click on the ad like 20 times, i just made some money without having to wait for somebody else to click on it. so yeah … if u can answer… THANKS =]

62 youtube- dridliebitz

i actually have a question. you know how ad clicks make money, well if you click on your ad thats on your video. will the youtube staff know that you just made yourself like 100.00 bucks or something.. or will they think that like that many people just clicked on the ad. cuz i thought that if i click on the ad like 20 times, i just made some money without having to wait for somebody else to click on it. so yeah … if u can answer… THANKS =]

63 Dave Dugdale

I got an invite but I am not sure I wanted to do it if no one here is making that much money with it.

64 best 1080p led hdtv

I heard otherwise about top youtubers income
For instance What The Buck host Michael Buckley makes at least 5 figures a month through youtube partner program according to a reputable source and that interview came out at least 2 years go
I don’t know if 5 figures is considered piss to you but I’d be more than happy to earn that piss money on monthly basis

65 Dano

Does the copyright stuff counts for all your uploade videos? For example let’s say, I upload one video completely legal… but the other videos I don’t… can I only confirm the video that is completely legal?

66 Renetto is a YouTube Stat site built by me, one of the original
YouTube partners and another YouTube guy named Nick Long. The site not
only shows how much money YouTube channels can *Gross but also breaks
it down by individual videos. The earning estimates are based on my
actual income and the income of many other YouTube partner channels
that have provided confidential feedback to the site to make it as
accurate as possible.

*The “Gross” is an estimated earning potential of a channel or video,
based on the number of views, earning an average CPM of known YouTube
partner channels.

67 Mick Dundrum

Have things changed now that Youtube have started doing pre-rolls on videos? Do you think these pre rolls are good or bad for revenue?

68 Lecithin Benefits

I have a account with 10 million views and 10 000 subscribers with original videos, i applied for youtube partnership program 4 months ago and still didn’t get any answer

69 Saikiran Pamanji

One can earn around $5 from 1000 views from YouTube. This is a practical equation.

70 website consulting

Thanks for the tips, I had no idea.

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