1 Month Of Twittering Its Been Interesting

So its been one Month now (as of yesterday) since i started tweeting. I gotta say I really recommend it. Its probably the easiest way to get a hold of me online (unless you send a private message I have those set to ignore). Its also a great way to spread your blog posts. There have been a few milestones which really increased the feedburner count and the stats for this blog. One was the implementation of blogrush which brings more new traffic (people that have never been to this site before) then any other source. I think that is a really important metric. The other is twitter. Feedburner has increased by about 15% in the last 30 days and I think that is mostly due to twitter. The traffic has followed pace.

I recently started doing twitter trivia and today even had a contest for ipod nano ;).

BTW major props to graywolf for getting me started and to all those who say that you don’t have time for it? I can tell you that twitter has made me way more efficient. I can send a txt from my phone and get instant responses from all my friends if I have a question on something. No email… no instant messanger… i dig it.