Market Leverage Staff – ShoeMoney Shirt Spotting

by Jeremy Schoemaker on April 8, 2008 · 55 comments

Market Leverage

The folks at Market Leverage sent me this picture of there staff decked out in ShoeMoney shirts!

I can’t believe we have sold over 2,000 shirts since we put up the store. Amazing ;)

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Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of the ShoeMoney Blog, Elite Retreat Internet Conference, & the PAR Program. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 Amazon Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. Jeremy currently lives in Lincoln Nebraska with his wife and 2 daughters.

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1 FreePSDLogo

Not sure wha happend but the shirt picture did not load. Could be my pc or my browser not sure though.

2 Nick Sullivan

Think you forgot to add the pic lol

3 Felex Tan

What a good post! I want the t-shirt.

4 Affiliate Confession

2,000 shirts is a pretty good milestone. Sounds like you are increasing your brand, big time.

5 Aaron Nimocks

Picture loaded for me. Must be your browser.

6 Debby Banning

Thanks Jeremy! I was pleasantly surprised to see that you made a post out of our picture!

7 Michael D

Great pic for branding but I’m more interested in the store. Notice you are using osCommerce. Like it? Did you prefer over and if so why? Don’t really see you pushing product in posts or along the sidebar, recommend any WP plugins that integrate nicely with osCommerce?

8 Brick Marketing

Wow – 2,000 shirts sold and photos of customers “modeling” them off…not shabby!

9 Think Like An SOB

This image is photo shopped. The original one had my site logo on it. :)

10 logosamurai


11 Jonathan Volk

That is pure awesome! :D

12 Affiliate Confession

Okay, I guess I’m going to have to get me a Shoemoney shirt now as well.

13 mubin

Do I smell affiliate program?

14 ShoeMoney

@michaelD – did /store mainly cause that seemed to make sense. I only put things in a subdomain that might need their own server someday… like forums. or dev. etc…

15 Paul

What is that girls name on the right? Can you get me a date???


I have one, and I luv it!

17 Alejandro Reyes

Now that rocks! i want to get shirts now too!

18 jtGraphic

Congrats. @Paul – lol


How can I buy a shirt if I’m not from United States ?

I’m from Romania (Europe)

20 The Internet Apprentice

Wow, T-Shirts too! I guess there is no revenue making avenue that Shoemoney will pass up. 2000 is a pretty impressive figure.

- Dave

21 ShoeMoney

sorry we only ship to the usa at this time… we tried it internationally and its just wayyyy to much trouble

22 Website Reviews

The cost of 10 shirts I am sure is well worth the link they got from this site! Great link baiting!

23 Terry Tay

Nice! 2000 shirt sales is awesome. Getting paid for having people wear your logo around is a double bonus ;-)


24 Funky South

crazy ! and more crazy is your t-shirt sales !

25 Funky South

also a great marketing tech’

26 Meethere

That shows how lovely you are :D
Looks good. Congrats for 2k sales.

27 Nicholas James

Must be your pc/browser loads fine for me.

28 Nicholas James

Agreed 2,000 shirts is an excellent achievement.

29 Nicholas James

There is not an affiliate programme for the Shoemoney store, as far as, I am aware of.

30 Nicholas James

Nice achievement with the 2,000+ shirt sales….maybe you should open up to outside the US i.e. Europe ;)

31 Nicholas James

Yes, but they are still getting thier company name out their by doing so.

$2,500 for a review…or buy a few shirts and take a photo which do you choose? ;)

32 Keylogger Hater

Never thought that blogger can sell t-shirt successfully.

33 Keylogger Hater

Never thought that blogger can sell fan t-shirts, and especially have access sin this business.

34 netmeg

What I wanna know is how the heck you can get shirts that you can sell for five bones. I’ve been co-managing a southern rock band for the last ten years, plus I want to offer some t-shirts for my fireworks site, and I can’t even BUY them for that. You must be buying them in quantity gazillions.

35 Kevin

Wow… Cool t-shirts.. how can i get one ? Seriously !!

36 shanker bakshi

Nice Link Bait attempt

37 Website Reviews

That is funny, they did the same thing over at ProBlogger! These guys seem to have a great idea!

38 Hustle Strategy

No picture here either…

39 Hustle Strategy

Clearly no ring, game on…

40 Forumistan

I am gonna get it soon…

41 Terry Tay

You’re joking right? I mean about the part “Where can I get one?”…because the answer is in the post ;-)

42 Marketing Man

We need to get ourselves some tshirts like that it looks awesome. Great marketing idea. Really cool super blogging look.

43 Kari

Congrats on 2000! Your logos are really good–very cool + professional-looking.

44 Mayank Rocks

I second that. I really love that Logo!

Congrats Jer

45 Mayank Rocks

I second that. As its Shoe Money’s Tshirt, so it means your brand advertisement from your shirt!
Its great achievement.

46 * Miss Universe

Had you ever considered making the dollar sign GREEN instead of blue …. or do you want the design to reflect the color theme of your blog?

47 ukadpool

Does the ‘store’ offer bulk discounts for large quantities then?

48 Not John

I would be happy to sell one shirt now! Maybe some day I can follow in the great steps of the big Shoe!

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