Market Leverage Staff – ShoeMoney Shirt Spotting

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Market Leverage

The folks at Market Leverage sent me this picture of there staff decked out in ShoeMoney shirts!

I can’t believe we have sold over 2,000 shirts since we put up the store. Amazing 😉

55 thoughts on “Market Leverage Staff – ShoeMoney Shirt Spotting

  1. Michael D

    Great pic for branding but I’m more interested in the store. Notice you are using osCommerce. Like it? Did you prefer over and if so why? Don’t really see you pushing product in posts or along the sidebar, recommend any WP plugins that integrate nicely with osCommerce?

  2. ShoeMoney

    @michaelD – did /store mainly cause that seemed to make sense. I only put things in a subdomain that might need their own server someday… like forums. or dev. etc…

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  4. Nicholas James

    Yes, but they are still getting thier company name out their by doing so.

    $2,500 for a review…or buy a few shirts and take a photo which do you choose? 😉

  5. netmeg

    What I wanna know is how the heck you can get shirts that you can sell for five bones. I’ve been co-managing a southern rock band for the last ten years, plus I want to offer some t-shirts for my fireworks site, and I can’t even BUY them for that. You must be buying them in quantity gazillions.

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