Google To Sell Off SEO Portion Of DoubleClick

by Jeremy Schoemaker on April 2, 2008 · 79 comments

Photoshop ninjary by BigDave.

This morning Google Announced they are selling off the SEO Division (performics) of Doubleclick. This will come to no suprise to shoemoney readers as I predicted this last month live on Strikepoint with Mikkel Demib

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1 Melvin

whew? why are they selling it?

2 Make Money Talks

Nostradamus is your guru? :)

3 Stephanie

Sounds like a sensible move. Takes care of some of the conflict of interest.

4 gamermk

conflict of interest, pure and simple.

5 Hustle Strategy

now all they have to worry about is how much hand shaking gets done with the buyer…

6 Erica DeWolf

Great prediction. I think that it is a great move.

7 Syed Balkhi

I am not surprised because I agreed with your predictions when you made it.

8 jtGraphic

I’m not familiar with the dynamics of it, but why sell it if there is a conflict of interest? Why not just bury it and leverage the assets

9 jack fretre

dude can you stay some what on topic, and stop stroking your ego so much, it gets old. great post with fighters (humble) than this crap. No wonder the wickedfire people can’t stand you.

10 Affiliate Confession

What , are you like a genius or something? I just got the email an hour ago.

11 Sean

yep. get rid of it

12 Darin Carter


Will you tell me the winning lotto numbers … LOL


13 Josh

Shoe, insiders at Google & Performics have been talking about the high likelyhood of a selloff of that division ever since Google announced they were buying Doubleclick…

14 Mayank Rocks

I second that.

15 Mayank Rocks

It is a good move according to me!

16 Mayank Rocks

I never knew he made predictions. MAybe I didn’t read it lol. However it is awesome when predictions come true. :)

17 Leo F. Swiontek

Great prediction!.Would u predict some more things to happen this week or near by.


Hello, its pleasant article about media print, we all know media
is a great source of facts.

19 anonymous

great prediction

20 Yudhi Arie Baskoro

trusted, i’ll wait for your next prediction.

21 Funky South

Interesting . . . good prediction though shoe

22 Paul

I’m not familiar with doubleclick!

What does it do?

23 Making The Money

I imagine as a search company they don’t want anything to do with the SEO industry. Well outside of Matt Cutts blog anyway. Selling severs the link, burying doesn’t.

24 Keylogger Hater

There are much wrong when search engine company occupy oneself with search marketing, therefore such step looks pretty right.

25 Rob

Good call Shoe…that’s why i keep coming back.. to get the news before it happens.

26 Funky South

good point !

27 Funky South

haha great graphic work also !


It is a conflict, but will this be an improvement?

29 logosamurai

interesting pic.

30 matt

Why don’t you post pictures of your checks anymore..I noticed is dropping big time on alexa, what are you doing these days to be a super affiliate?

31 Prosperity Writer

great prediction shoestradamus!
it means you know the industry well, or you do have genuine fortune telling abilities! lol

32 jtGraphic

I see. So basically the business itself – even though they don’t want a part in it. Has a conceived value higher than the sum of its assets… correct?

33 Kevin

decision of buying DoubleClick has already created lots of discussion…. looks like wrong deal in Google acquisition history ;)

34 moneymatador

Google says everything you need to know about SEO can be read in their faqs and help files so just get rid of this parasite-division.

35 ShoeMoney

I never really was into posting checks….. I mean the only one here is from like 4 years old. 2006 was the last good year for nextpimp its been declining since. 2007 we fully focused on AuctionAds and in 2008 we are focused on and other properties.

Btw I am not a super affiliate ;)

36 Search Engine Optimization

This news made a LOT of people happy today. :)

37 Gayle

I have read so many articles or reviews concerning
the blogger lovers but this paragraph is in fact a nice post, keep
it up.

38 Foto Sharing

Good prediction, shoestradamus. You can earn money on such predictions.

39 Foto Sharing

Good prediction, shoestradamus! You can earn money on such predictions.

40 Foto Sharing

Good prediction, shoestradamus!

41 online marketing forum

So thats your secret… you can see the future! No wonder you make a killing online :D

42 Mike1115

You and everyone else. :)

The second they made the move to begin purchasing DoubleClick, anyone who understands what DoubleClick and Performics does realized they would need to sell it off. Biggest rumor I hear is Linkshare is looking at it. i think OpenX should look at it too, since Google is going to kill them with Ad manager and they need to leverage against it.

43 Melvin

How do you define a super affiliate?

44 Affiliate Confession

I’d rather just have all the best keywords to advertise on Google for ringtones. I’m sure Shoe knows those.

45 Anon

Google needs to wake up and get their shit together… cuz their stock is gonna tank. Adsense revenues are way down and many people are jumping the adsense ship…. perhaps because they treat us like garbage…. and pay us slave labor wages. Sell your GOOG while you can if you got any.

46 Jason L.

Good call! I love the graphic.

47 Making The Money

As I understand it DoubleClick’s core business is advertising. The SEO services part was secondary. Google as they’ve done in the past have paid for the whole business in order to secure one part of it, so you’re right, to them the perceived value of the advertising network was worth it.

48 Hung Forex

Hi – just wanted to say good blog.

49 Free Foto Sharing

Good prediction, shoestradamus! You can earn money on such predictions.

50 Mayank Rocks

Who is that?

51 Mayank Rocks

Are you a double click publisher? I contacted them twice…but no reply!

52 Mayank Rocks

Something that pays awesome and is easy to earn :D

53 Free Foto Sharing

Good prediction, shoestradamus!

54 Meethere

They should do that.
Google opposes SEO and so that would contradict that. So in fear of that, they might be selling it.

55 Webhosting Companies

This news proves that Google is living up to its motto: Don’t be evil.
Going into search business appears evil to webmasters.

56 gadgetgyan

SEO and Search engines are like Cats and Mouse and LEave Tom and Jerry out they don’t stay together.

57 Mike1115

DoubleClick’s core business is Adserving, not advertising. It’s the technology that makes displaying ads on sites possible.

58 Affiliate Confession

Yea, they make it sound easy, but there is so much they don’t tell you it’s pathetic.

59 Luisana

good to know…

60 Terry Tay

Nice prediction! I didn’t thinking Google was capable of selling, as I only hear of them buying, buying, buying, and buying, anything and everything on the net that has value to them.

61 Wade

Google is always buying or selling something. Why don’t they focus more on their ad programs to help users make more money…

62 Mike1115

Don’t DO evil, you mean.

63 Affiliate Confession

I’d have to agree with that. I’ve wasted a lot of money on Adwords. It would be nice if they were a little easier on the landing page guidelines.

64 Mike1115

Because that’s only one part of their business.

65 Mayank Rocks

They want to earn earn not make us earn only!

66 Azrael

This is the first time that I’ve ever heard of doubleclick.

67 SEO web hosting

But Shoe why don’t you crank up the prediction machine for something really useful. Memphis or Kansas tonight?

68 Flimjo

Nostradamus is a fraud.

69 Flimjo

The guy from 600 years ago who allegedly predicted many important world events.

70 Flimjo

Any recommendations?

71 Paul

what is your next prediction? I found this picture and think it says it all :)

72 Keylogger Hater

Thanks, i am still wondering how it was working, why they didn’t start to simply sell positions, a sort of premium edition of AdWords, huh?

73 Keylogger Hater

But not a Shoe, isn’t he? ;)

74 Web Marketeer

Google is in absolute denial about SEO, laughably so. Good prediction, look forward to more.

75 Chetan

That might be your view, but people mention you, Zac etc. as the super affiliates on the web Jeremy :)
Lets see how big your check would be this year!

76 Not John

I love the graphic image.

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