Google To Sell Off SEO Portion Of DoubleClick

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Photoshop ninjary by BigDave.

This morning Google Announced they are selling off the SEO Division (performics) of Doubleclick. This will come to no suprise to shoemoney readers as I predicted this last month live on Strikepoint with Mikkel Demib

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79 thoughts on “Google To Sell Off SEO Portion Of DoubleClick

  1. jtGraphic

    I’m not familiar with the dynamics of it, but why sell it if there is a conflict of interest? Why not just bury it and leverage the assets

  2. jack fretre

    dude can you stay some what on topic, and stop stroking your ego so much, it gets old. great post with fighters (humble) than this crap. No wonder the wickedfire people can’t stand you.

  3. Josh

    Shoe, insiders at Google & Performics have been talking about the high likelyhood of a selloff of that division ever since Google announced they were buying Doubleclick…

  4. Leo F. Swiontek

    Great prediction!.Would u predict some more things to happen this week or near by.

  5. Making The Money

    I imagine as a search company they don’t want anything to do with the SEO industry. Well outside of Matt Cutts blog anyway. Selling severs the link, burying doesn’t.

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  7. matt

    Why don’t you post pictures of your checks anymore..I noticed is dropping big time on alexa, what are you doing these days to be a super affiliate?

  8. jtGraphic

    I see. So basically the business itself – even though they don’t want a part in it. Has a conceived value higher than the sum of its assets… correct?

  9. Kevin

    decision of buying DoubleClick has already created lots of discussion…. looks like wrong deal in Google acquisition history ;)

  10. ShoeMoney

    I never really was into posting checks….. I mean the only one here is from like 4 years old. 2006 was the last good year for nextpimp its been declining since. 2007 we fully focused on AuctionAds and in 2008 we are focused on and other properties.

    Btw I am not a super affiliate ;)

    1. Gayle

      I have read so many articles or reviews concerning
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  11. Mike1115

    You and everyone else. :)

    The second they made the move to begin purchasing DoubleClick, anyone who understands what DoubleClick and Performics does realized they would need to sell it off. Biggest rumor I hear is Linkshare is looking at it. i think OpenX should look at it too, since Google is going to kill them with Ad manager and they need to leverage against it.

  12. Anon

    Google needs to wake up and get their shit together… cuz their stock is gonna tank. Adsense revenues are way down and many people are jumping the adsense ship…. perhaps because they treat us like garbage…. and pay us slave labor wages. Sell your GOOG while you can if you got any.

  13. Making The Money

    As I understand it DoubleClick’s core business is advertising. The SEO services part was secondary. Google as they’ve done in the past have paid for the whole business in order to secure one part of it, so you’re right, to them the perceived value of the advertising network was worth it.

  14. Mike1115

    DoubleClick’s core business is Adserving, not advertising. It’s the technology that makes displaying ads on sites possible.

  15. Terry Tay

    Nice prediction! I didn’t thinking Google was capable of selling, as I only hear of them buying, buying, buying, and buying, anything and everything on the net that has value to them.

  16. Wade

    Google is always buying or selling something. Why don’t they focus more on their ad programs to help users make more money…

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  18. Chetan

    That might be your view, but people mention you, Zac etc. as the super affiliates on the web Jeremy :)
    Lets see how big your check would be this year!

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