Holy Crap Kontera

Was looking at my arch nemesis John Chow’s blog today and noticed 8 million things loading in the status bar. Fired up firebug and holy crap kontera loads SIXTY EIGHT (68) different things:

I could not even fit them all in 1 screen shot on the 30″ Apple Studio Display.

Click for full image:

And notice the one is a 404 (file not found)…. oups.

Looks like a lot of people have been removing them from their site.

I was sitting with a guy from Kontera on a panel at blogworld and was asked point blank why I dont use it. I gave the honest answer…

1) Editorial control – Like with Google Adsense I have very limited editorial control over what is displayed on my site.

2) Selling yourself short – Unless you have some scrapper blog do you really want to give up your reader traffic for pennies?

3) Loading issues – as mentioned above.

I challenged Kontera a while back in my forums (now killed off) and they said they would accept but I have not heard back from them sense.