eBay Affiliate Program FINALLY Drops the CJ Dead Weight

When we won eBay’s developer of the year award for 2007 (last year) for AuctionAds at the eBay Live! / Developers conference we were given the opportunity to have lunch with President of eBay U.S. John Donahue. While at lunch he asked me and dillsmack several questions about AuctionAds and the eBay Affiliate program. Somewhere in the conversation he asked me what was the 1 biggest thing they could do to improve the affiliate program? My answer: Drop commission junction asap. He inquired more and I gave him reason after reason as to why CJ was a really bad partner for them. From our bad experiences in tracking, reporting, signingup (we have horror storries that I dont even want to say) basically lets just say it was very difficult to work with them.

Anyway today on eBay’s afflilate site:

Today eBay unveiled the eBay Partner Network, a new global affiliate program for publishers driving traffic to eBay. Officially launching on April 1st, 2008, the eBay Partner Network will be eBay’s new in-house affiliate network, designed to more fully align the programs across eBay’s global properties and give affiliates expanded access to revenue opportunities across its platforms.

Since 2001 eBay has enabled affiliates and Web site publishers to be paid for all traffic driven to eBay. With one of the most competitive payouts in the industry and one of the broadest and deepest product selections available to affiliates, the eBay Partner Network will continue to help eBay extend the reach of its platforms to the edges of the Web. The new in-house program will allow eBay to more closely align the program with the needs of its publishers and the eBay Community, and will eventually engage all of eBay’s assets to create one of the most robust affiliate networks in existence.

The washington post also has a big write-up on it here in which they talk to our friend Matt Ackley.

I think everyone who has been doing eBay affiliate stuff has seen this coming for a long time. I was still surprised to see it finally happen though. But honestly it was time. Good call eBay!

Hat tip to @manatee for tipping me off this morning

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