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The guys at Bodog Fight which many of you might not know, have their own MMA League which is doing really well. The website has exclusive MMA matches, some have never been shown before. Most of the fights can be streamed right from their website, but they also have a store if you want to buy the dvd’s.

Thanks for the shirt!

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32 thoughts on “Bodog Fight – Free Shirt Friday

  1. Mark

    You and your t-shirts šŸ˜€ lol

    By the way, I sent you an email through the contact page, im if you could reply you don’t know how much it would help me out :) Thanks so much!


    – Mark

  2. Paul

    I didn’t know that bodog had a fight club. I have seen some of your pictures at some of the UFC matches. How do you manage to keep your hands in everything? Do you operate a site that give consulting tips. I think that you could earn a lot of money doing that.

  3. Tudi

    Speaking of fighting Jeremy, I sent a test article and application for the content writer job on and never got a reply :C

    Anyway, T-shirt looks nice and coped with your rabid pitbull look, you could pass as a fighter yourself :)

  4. Terry Tay

    The Bodogfight shirt looks pretty good. They could have used a better font for the word Fight. Your Fighters logo looks a lot better. That’ll be a cool tshirt.

    It looks like you are almost ready for UFC 83.


  5. susan

    Excellent site, I have learned more through this site than I have through months of reading elsewhere

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