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by tbuck on March 14, 2008 · 32 comments

The guys at Bodog Fight which many of you might not know, have their own MMA League which is doing really well. The website has exclusive MMA matches, some have never been shown before. Most of the fights can be streamed right from their website, but they also have a store if you want to buy the dvd’s.

Thanks for the shirt!

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1 Mark

You and your t-shirts :D lol

By the way, I sent you an email through the contact page, im if you could reply you don’t know how much it would help me out :) Thanks so much!


– Mark

2 Raluca

Are you a fighter? You scary me, man!

3 Michael D

Nice pose. “Touch my MacBook Air and I’ll belt you.”

4 Pete from Home Made Online Income

Whoa… I didn’t think you had that in you Darren… I always thought this was a Non-Violent blog… I guess we need to watch out… ;-)

Regards, Pete

5 ShoeMoney

who is darren

6 jtGraphic

You should tear the sleeves off.

7 Mayank Rocks

haha. I had the same feeling

8 Mayank Rocks

Maybe your new nickname lol

9 Paul

I didn’t know that bodog had a fight club. I have seen some of your pictures at some of the UFC matches. How do you manage to keep your hands in everything? Do you operate a site that give consulting tips. I think that you could earn a lot of money doing that.

10 Think Like An SOB

I guess the bald head(s) confused him.

11 Start Blogging



Anyways, JEREMY, you look powerful and mean in that shirt! :P

12 Fiscal Musings

It should have been a wife beater style, but not bad as is.

13 Jesse

Awesome. I love bodog live! I’m on it all the time! never knew they had their own MMA fighting league.

14 Tudi

Speaking of fighting Jeremy, I sent a test article and application for the content writer job on and never got a reply :C

Anyway, T-shirt looks nice and coped with your rabid pitbull look, you could pass as a fighter yourself :)

15 Affiliate Confession

Yea, what are you going to do with those Macbook Airs?

16 Dave

I thought bodog fights was pretty much out of business.

17 best car images

good site. thanks.

18 best car images

Awesome. I love bodog live! I’m on it all the time! never knew they had their own MMA fighting league.

19 Andrew Pavelski

Bodog is awesome. BTW>> you look beastly in that “T”

20 Terry Tay

The Bodogfight shirt looks pretty good. They could have used a better font for the word Fight. Your Fighters logo looks a lot better. That’ll be a cool tshirt.

It looks like you are almost ready for UFC 83.


21 Syed Balkhi

lol … yeah he is watching it too much i guess ;)

22 Syed Balkhi

perhaps that comment needs remoderation…..

23 Syed Balkhi

this shirt looks good … I just checked out their website .. they do got some good fights there

24 Syed Balkhi

it will make jeremy more scary then :p

25 Syed Balkhi

he is giving one to me :P you two can get the other two

26 webprofessor

I’ve watched Bodog fights twice and each time the card was just full of cans.

27 Thomas

that t relly looks good on you..

28 Thomas

I had a dream that I sent you a tshirt and got my site published on the blog.. Boy! that would be a dream come true

29 Andrew Pavelski

I agree Jesse, bodog live is real cool ;) Their own fighting league is nice 2…

30 Andrew Pavelski

Where has Darren been? ;)

31 oakling

I enjoy the fighty face you are making to go with the shirt :)

32 susan

Excellent site, I have learned more through this site than I have through months of reading elsewhere

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