Ask Dies, All Marketers Are Liars, Twitter, and SMX Recap! – ShoeMoney Radio Show

by Jeremy Schoemaker on March 5, 2008 · 40 comments

Just FYI the show will be changing names again… more so its less “shoemoney” focused… or maybe we will just keep it… i dunno ;)

This show was awesome. The complete show was co-hosted by Jennifer Slegg and we also had Barry Schwartz called in and so did Tamar Weinberg.

Here are some of the urls covered during the show:

Lisa Barones emotional from the heart goodbye post

my twitter

Jens Twitter
Tamar Twitter

All marketers are liars by Seth Godin

DoshDosh Feed Count Meme

full disclosure

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1 Mike 11|15 Media

That was a long one. Askjeeves was the first search engine I used. They went down hill when they froze that butler. Bring him back!

2 RacerX

Love the radio show. Don’t do less ShoeMoney focus though! We learn a ton from you too!

3 Affiliate Confession

Interesting stuff about Ask, I hardly ever used them, but it sounds like it’s not too smart of a move to devolve as Lisa put it.

4 Nullamatix

Wow, I went from metacrawler (back in the DAY) to ask, and eventually the big G. Can’t believe is shutting down! I’m blind and was unable to find an official link – would anyone mind providing one?


5 Jenstar

Thanks for having me as cohost, Jeremy, it was fun! My twitter feed is actually tho for anyone who wants to follow my random comments sprinkled with bits of wisdom here and there ;)

6 ShoeMoney

got it

7 Chad Frederiksen

The interface of Ask was great, just the index behind it needed help.

8 Josh

I really enjoyed All marketers are liars by Seth Godin.

9 ShoeMoney

thats what she said

10 oakling

You know, I used to work for Ask when it was Ask Jeeves. Back in the dot-com bubble and bust. And it had the same problem then that it has now: it couldn’t just stick with one identity. It has always and repeatedly, over the years, sabotaged itself (or depending on your perspective, been sabotaged) by changing what the search engine provides, trying to expand into applications, expanding into creating mini-Asks for corporate customers, changing what the search engine does AGAIN, dropping everything it was doing, doing something else, dropping that, changing the function of the search engine AGAIN…. This isn’t new. It’s the hopefully-last thrash of a good concept yanked around by a really dysfunctional (as she describes in her post) corporate structure.

11 Darlington

Where can we subscribe to the show Shoe?? I need to get this on my ipod, but can’t find the show on itunes (Only last years shows?) – cant find it on webmaster radio site either…

Would really appreciate a link to the radio show feed.

12 Darlington

Just found it! DUH – For anyone as dumb as me, there is an rss button on the shoemoney show page at webmaster radio site

13 Tamar Weinberg

And you, of all people, misspelled my blog. It’s :)

14 ShoeMoney

MY BAD! fixed

15 Tamar Weinberg

haha thanks ;)

16 Paid Surveys Reviewed

Me too, Ask was great to start with – the concept of askign a full question rather than just a bunch of keywords, can’t remember when I started to use Google and have it as my homepage. I think the simplicity of Google was what sold it to most people over Yahoo and Ask.

17 Start Blogging is leaving??? Eh, never used it anyways.

18 Nullamatix

Agreed. Simplicity & Effectiveness > Aesthetics any day. I guess things great eventually come to and end.

19 Nullamatix

Well said. Google constantly changes stuff behind the scenes, but their front end doesn’t change as often and as aggressively as Ask has in the past. Improvement through added features is one thing, but revamping the entire system is another. People are usually reluctant to change, and if forced to change over and over, there’s a good chance they’ll just stop coming back!

20 Terry Tay

That was an emotional post by Lisa Barones about I wonder why a company would want to go backwards just because the profit isn’t where they want it to be. Wouldn’t you just find a way to improve something, instead of sending back to the dark ages? I haven’t used as much as other engines, so it doesn’t really hurt me. It’s just too bad for the users that liked it the way it was.

21 ppcPredator

Awesome show today Jeremy!
Esp. the social proof stuff – good stuff!

22 eMarketing Chat

‘All marketers are liars by Seth Godin’ is a must read. Great stuff!

23 Infrared Fred

with ask gone it’s even more of a two horse race – one horse rather – will anyone challenge the might G

24 jtGraphic

MS should buy it :-P

25 Trucker

Ask consistently delivers my Website the most “Page/Visit” and the highest “Avg. Time on Site” of all the engines. Maybe it’s a Trucker thing…Sorry to see them go.

26 Nocturnal


Where can I dl your podcasts in .mp3 format so I can listen to it on my iPod?

27 Uzair

Same here. It is good to learn from others than to research yourself. LOL

28 Uzair

As you might not know, it was there even before google. But same situation here. I even have not ever entered that url in firefox and have never ever seen ask.

29 Affiliate Confession

what really killed ask was the dealings they had in arb market place in the UK

30 eMarketing Chat

Great post as well by Dosh Dosh about feed count!

I love Dosh Dosh blog, it always has helpful information to improve our blogs.

31 Paul

I have read a little bit about “Ask” on the net but am not sure if they just went under or sold out. If they sold who bought them out???

32 Secrets Of Cash Gifting

Great radio show, lot of good stuff.

33 Mayank Rocks

I totally agree with you there.

34 Chip

Just listened. Too bad there are none in my country, but it’s a future idea I’d like to develop.

35 Real Cash Gifting

Sounds like something I might be interested in hearing, hehe.

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