Shoeperstar Finalists Annouced – Vote For Your Favorite

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It was a photo finish! Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner soon!

Here are the finalists for the winner in the “Become a Shoeperstar” contest.

Please vote for who you think should win an all expense paid trip to SXSW and be in a episode of Rock Startup with me and the Izea crew.

***Winner will be selected at midnight EST on February 22, 2008.***

64 thoughts on “Shoeperstar Finalists Annouced – Vote For Your Favorite

  1. Joe

    “If you are what you say you are, a Shoeperstar, than have no fear, the ticket is here and the microphones and they wanna know Oh oh oh yeah”

  2. Keith Cash

    3 Hardworking finalists.
    Tough choice………Good Luck to everyone.

    PS. I am available to carry luggage, along with gopher duties is go along free with you.


  3. Max Pool

    Thanks for the votes everybody!

    Glad you enjoyed the video and hopefully I can make the episode of RockStartup equally as entertaining if I win…

  4. KRONiS

    i had 99 reasons…but then i had a limited time to work from an iphone so i shortened it…. the plan was to add video posts of me playing guitar. now that i have a few more days i will update the post with some video clips of real playing!

  5. Max Pool

    I have no guitar skills (you saw them all in the video), on that topic I concede you the winner…

    My skills are in PPC and Aff marketing – Adwords Duel? =P

  6. KRONiS

    terms? hmmm but your reasons said and I quote “I can play guitar like a shoeperstar”.

    I guess the definition is the question then…
    Adwords duel ? can i use rubicon? hahaha

    cheers – i’m still gonna post some guitar playing as i meant to initially…check back later tonight (can’t really do it at work without my guitar)

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  8. Digital Vegetarian

    THANKS FOR ENDING THE CONTEST EARLY – all the people i sent stuff to are telling me they can’t vote and it is supposed to end at midnight?

    I guess this wasn’t very clear: did i misinterpret? when DID it end. I’m feeling gipped for sending so many people to a site to vote when the voting ended already…

    ” Three finalists will be selected by Jeremy and Ted by February 11th, 2008 based on the quality of the blog post (yes, it’s subjective). Public voting between the three best posts will take place the week of February 18th with the winner selected at midnight easter on February 22, 2008. Airline travel allowance up to $500 for international bloggers. Hotel selected by Izea staff. We are not responsible for applicable taxes on prizes. Void where prohibited by law.”

    – i think you guys owe me some type of explanatioin or a ‘ hey we liked how you tried so hard and promoted our site so much’

    feeling gipped right now.

    anyone?what else is subjective? Kudo to max for a great post.
    i hope he has a great time. hope the webisode goes #1 on digg.

    still feel ripped off.

  9. Angela-Jo Griffin

    I am extremely disappointed that you closed the contest early on such a tight race. Many of my friends were disappointed they didn’t get to vote.

    Were you afraid your friend might lose? I am assuming the winner was your friend or you would have allowed the contest to finish as posted.

    If it wasn’t nepotism what a disservice you have done to the winner.

  10. Max Pool

    LOL – Obviously Shoemoney’s servers are in Florida and the hanging chads are getting counted now!

    Well done DV – looks like the tables have turned. Be sure to check out the geek bowling!

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  12. mulletmann

    Shoemoney, I truly feel you put on an outstanding competition and brought out two fierce competitors. I don’ t know who won, but if the results are so close maybe you should do a little kickback and send both competitors to SXSW. What do you think?

  13. Adam Guest

    Well, this is the first time I have ever blogged before to be honest thanks to my buddy Aaron ‘Rockstar’ Kronis who asked for my support to try to win this comp. Anyways, he is the real deal and deserves to win this thing and it’s a shame that the race got cut short and then restarted because I feel he was gaining traction and I know that a number of my friends were just finding out about it late and would have voted for him.

    Aaron has always been hip to the newest webculture out there and he’s a trailblazer when it comes to using all the various internet forums, blogs, fansites etc. to promote and share his music and thoughts with others with similar interests so I think he really deserves this one. Not to mention he rocks, trust me I know! Send him to this conference, I am sure he will promote the cause well! Rock Stead!

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