Blizzard Internet Marketing doesn’t get WordPress SEO

Mary Bowling and Carrie Hill over at Blizzard Internet Marketing invested quite a bit of time into writing a white-paper about SEO for WordPress blogs, which hit the front page of Sphinn yesterday. I think they would have been better of if they had invested a bit more time into researching the real tricks about WordPress SEO, instead of doing this white paper.

They say: “For a variety of reasons, nearly all SEOs agree that WordPress provides optimization benefits other blog platforms do not. ” and that’s the only explanation they give for why WordPress is such a well optimized system. Well I’m sorry, but I don’t agree, and yes I think I’m in the position to say something about this.

Out of the box, WordPress 2.3 and up comes with 4 different types of archives:

  • date based archives
  • per author archives
  • category based archives
  • tag based archives

Now, if you’re the sole writer of your blog, there’s at least one archive there that doesn’t belong there, and 3 other ones that create huge amounts of duplicate content. My advice is to pick 1 or 2, and get rid of the rest. Blizzard “sort of” advise you to pick categories (they never even mention tags), and then say, a page later “No-Index Your Archvies”. Not only is that very ambiguous, they never tell you how to do it either!

When I found a few of these things in their report, I started looking into some of the sites they provided as an example. It took me about 2 minutes to find some crap. Check out this site for instance, which lists vacation rentals. If you guys are so good with WordPress, how come I can find stuff like this, obviously showing that you don’t know what you’re doing?

Now I’ve got some advice for the people at Blizzard: start reading up on your WordPress SEO, by reading Michael Gray, Andy Beard and my own stuff.

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