Talking Web Marketing With 10e20′s Chris Winfield

by Jeremy Schoemaker on February 6, 2008 · 48 comments founder Chris Winfield comes on the ShoeMoney show to talk about PR.

Some topics Chris Covered-

    How to get quoted by major magazines/sites.

    How to approach reporters.

    How to pitch your product without coming off like a scumbag.

    Is it worth it to SEO optimize your Press Releases anymore.

    Whats the difference with PRWEB price tiers and are they worth it.

    When do you need a marketing firm and what should they do for you.

    I think it was a really educational show about public relations. Let me know what you think.

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1 Nick Throlson

I Think its a Really Good Educational Show About Public Relations Did Good Job Smart Man.

2 Melvin

How to pitch your product without coming off like a scumbag.

3 domprofesor

Yes i tend to be a scumbag when in pitch my product. Interesting post.

4 Searchâ—† Engines WEB

Is it worth it to SEO optimize your Press Releases anymore.

Whats the difference with PRWEB price tiers and are they worth

The press releases themselves, appear on the search engines and can bring traffic long after they have been issued. Why not SEO it to get it higher for relevent keywords???

Also if they are picked up other sources – including blogs and feeds – the backlinks that can be given to your site can be helpful

In terms of PR Web, you really do not get that much traffic directly, but sometimes all it takes if just one large order to more than break even from the cost of the release


Liked it. But most beginners really need to be at least a bit of a scumbag to pitch their first product (not talking about any kind of spam though).

6 Dan Rucci

I listened to the whole show and I found it quite useful and took away some good tips from it! I even visited Chris’s site and emailed him for some info.

7 Instant Community Content

Great show, definitely was worth listening too. Thanks Shoe

8 Vizion

GREAT show…minus the ‘caller’ who got cut-off…all in all fairly interesting. I think it can be extremely difficult to pitch your product w/o coming off like a ‘scumbag’

9 jim

Can we no longer download episodes?

10 jim

I take it back, I can download it via the podcast RSS feed.

11 Katie

Shoe, Thanks for sharing that :) Very Educational!

12 SEOMaster

This is great episode. Thanks a lot!

13 RacerX

At my real job, we work with both a PR firmand our SEO firm to do just this. One or two releases isn’t gonna get you out of te clutter, we trying to do a major release 4x a month and 2 minor releases per month as well.

14 Big Oak

Nice episode.

15 Start Blogging

Sweet. Not exactly topics I was expecting but still great!

16 Utah SEO

Awesome podcast! As expected.

17 Paul

I was curious about this and believe that I had a post asking about it. Thank you for putting it up on your site!

18 livebizwebcast

very intresting

19 Feed Flare

Great job Jeremy, I like the videos better.

20 SearchBuzz

I loved the show…..Big fan of Chris W. and 10e20

I was surprised how little credit was given to the power of a press release. I always felt it was a nice arrow to have in the quiver, for a few key reasons. (link building and reputation management to name a few)

Overall —Great Stuff!

-mike b.

21 Video Blog

Another great show. well done

22 Alan Johnson

As long as your product is worth it and as long as you don’t have a “here’s the link, blog about it” attitude, most people will gladly look into it.

23 ChowMunga!

As website owners, we often forget about PR…at least some of us do! I think its a good reminder. good advice.

24 JBiggs

Thank you for good information :)

25 Affiliate Confession

Thanks for the helpful info. I’m going ot have to listen a second time and take notes.

26 Instant Community

Yeah the show really elaborated alot of the aspects of PR web relations. Yeah defintely going to take down some notes as well.

27 Syed Balkhi

i need to listen to this unfortunately can’t do it right now but bookmarking it in my todo list once i get back :)

28 Will

eh looks like the stuff covered is way above me. until next time I guess.

29 dante

good information, thanks for the info.

30 RacerX

In a way a lot of Blogs do PR and don’t really realize it… Everytime you do a milestone post, which talks about traffic, or top commenters, etc. it really is PR. You are telling peaople how sucessful you are, how much content you have or just..HEY I am here!
You should apply PR principles to those posts as well!

31 Sean

Thanks for this. I was sending a press release over the weekend for my new coupon site and this really helped with some decisions.

32 domprofesor

Another great show.

33 SecretBeaver

My problem is Chris fails to explain how the only reason why his company is worth a penny is because of Danielle. Chris, you know it, I know it, we all know it. Lanzillo (spell check) is the reason why you got the business you do, be honest buddy.

34 Real Cash Gifting

As always…very interesting and informative, thanks!

35 Joel McLaughlin

First time I came across this site, Great stuff! I have heard about it but never visited it. A new regular visitor – Thanks

36 Joel McLaughlin

Absolutely great, like before. Thanks all

37 MakingMoneyOnline

As always great stuff.

38 Web Marketing Search Engine Optimization

Thanks for this great post..I was planning for press release and this really helps me

39 PPC Advertising Network

Thanks for the post keep them coming i have bookmarked it.

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