Google Adwords Still Getting Owned

Almost 4 months ago I talked about how ringtone people were dominating Google Adwords and its amazing that it is still going on. To the point where it really makes you LOL.

(screenshot from today)

All of the sites redirect to (cpa empire owned site) which then redirects to Looks like an affiliate but hard to tell with CPA Empires super shady background. Could also just be a good cover. I think they have more open investigations then all other companies combined. Just doing a search for tracking101 reveals tons of complaints of spyware/adware/cookies/popups.

I am more surprised Google Adwords has not gotten a grasp on this. This violates many of there rules and its been going on for months and months. For one thing sites like this are supposed to be banned in Google Adwords. Not to mention you are not allowed to have multiple accounts going to the same offer.

I think it stems from the whole coupon and voucher issue. For example… if CPA Empire is buying Google Vouchers for $200 for on $5-10 and paying someone $5 per account they make for them… then deposit $5 they only have a $15 cost for $200 in Adwords spending. Even at paying $2 (decent price for a high volume keyword) per click you would only need 1 in 96 clicks to convert. From my experience in this market and with PPC I would estimate they are converting 1 in 10 at the worst. If the offer paid them $20 (probably a fair estimate for a large provider price) then that would means they are making 9 conversions ($180) for only a $15 investment. AND these accounts are burning up the $200 in probably less then 30 minutes. So if you could burn through those in 30 minutes (while this might sound crazy for people who do not do PPC trust me you could burn it up in < 1 minute) and if CPA Empire is burning up 2 Adwords accounts per hour then that would mean they are profiting at least $330 per hour or just $8,000.00 per day or even 250,000.00 per month. So in 4 months you are talking about a possible 1 million dollar profit. Just keep in mind these are pretty modest estimates but you see quickly how lucrative dominating Google Adwords could be for a company willing to push the limits with Google Adwords.

Course If Google gets a good engineer involved with the Adwords bot and follows header redirects… bans your whole affiliate company’s domain… then it may not be worth it… but that is a big IF.

In the end its really no skin off of Google’s nose. The money is not coming out of there pockets. Its really mainly hurting people who are not gaming the system as they are spending 20x more on pay per click and trying to compete. As far as illegal, immoral, ethical… Well I am pretty sure its not illegal. As far as the immoral and ethical stuff. I am nobody to judge that.

The one thing I know it is – PROFITABLE