Shoestradamus in The House; Microsoft Buying Yahoo

Photoshop ninjary by BigDave.

In a effort to try to stop all the emails asking me to predict the future I will acknowledge that I predicted the Microsoft buying Yahoo in my 2007 predictions (made december 16th, 2006). I also included 10 reasons why it would happen and some people thought it was worthy of the front page of Digg.

This news will not be a surprise to the loyal readers. They are familiar with my past predictions such as Mybloglog getting bought by Yahoo! and also Google purchasing YouTube. (even though people like Mark Cuban tried to call me out! NICE TRY WHO IS LAUGHING NOW CUBAN). I would like to thank all major blogs and media outlets for not drawing major attention to yet another amazing prediction.

Please stop emailing me asking me for lottery numbers, when you are going to die, or if you will be fired on Monday. Seeing the future is not something I can control. Its a gift and it must not be abused. I will post more as I see it.

If you have not heard yet

Now excuse me I have to call my stock broker

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