Shoestradamus in The House; Microsoft Buying Yahoo

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In a effort to try to stop all the emails asking me to predict the future I will acknowledge that I predicted the Microsoft buying Yahoo in my 2007 predictions (made december 16th, 2006). I also included 10 reasons why it would happen and some people thought it was worthy of the front page of Digg.

This news will not be a surprise to the loyal readers. They are familiar with my past predictions such as Mybloglog getting bought by Yahoo! and also Google purchasing YouTube. (even though people like Mark Cuban tried to call me out! NICE TRY WHO IS LAUGHING NOW CUBAN). I would like to thank all major blogs and media outlets for not drawing major attention to yet another amazing prediction.

Please stop emailing me asking me for lottery numbers, when you are going to die, or if you will be fired on Monday. Seeing the future is not something I can control. Its a gift and it must not be abused. I will post more as I see it.

If you have not heard yet

Now excuse me I have to call my stock broker

77 thoughts on “Shoestradamus in The House; Microsoft Buying Yahoo

  1. Adam Carson

    If you could let us all know what’s going to happen in the last three seasons of Lost so that we don’t actually have to watch it that would be great.

  2. Mark

    Hi Shoe, do you think the merging of Yahoo and MS is going well. In the German Newssite Spiegel they sayed, most Big Tech mergings went wrong. For example Time Warner / AOL or HP / Comaq.

  3. roger

    not realy… that post was about the 2 instant messanger services working together and it was quoting cringly

  4. Buy Website

    Awesome. Any chance you could share the PA lottery numbers for the next few days? Just kidding.


  5. John

    did you predict the first attempted purchase where yahoo said thanks, but no thanks? or are you saying you predicted this new purchase?

    With great power comes great responsibility

  6. Tim

    Aww, Daddy gonna call his broker now. Blue Horseshoe loves MSFT…buy a hundred thousand shares at the market. Don’t forget to add some big banks to that order!

  7. Kunal

    Good work on your part, bad on MS.

    First, MS is probably a bit too late. With stellar earnings from Google (disregarding today’s and last quarter), I think analysts have been upping expectations for internet advertising sales. Strike one.

    Strike two would be the huge payback period. $40B is a helluva lot of money to make up. Now, I havne’t referenced any facts or anything, purely off the top of my head, but didn’t Google have a revenue of 1 or 1.5B last quarter for advertising sales?

    I mean, lets keep it real, MS is only buying Yahoo because of its marketshare in internet advertising. By getting rid of one of the major competitors, you are now looking at only two main sources of traffic search.

    Unfortunately, I doubt this fact will do very well for affiliate marketers, as with one third of the competition gone, its only a matter of time before MS and Google can justify a hike in ad costs. Also with Google getting its ass handed to it today, Google has to show up to next earnings reporting with a shining gold star. That would mean raising prices for advertising.

    I think MS is really just trying desperately to enter anything that can give them a better marketshare. Facebook, anyone? While Google is an innovating company, it seems that microsoft is just clawing to keep up.

    And c’mon, Yahoo? Has anyone seen their stock price over the last year? Jeremy, unfortunately if you were holding onto your share for a year, you would be below breakeven. I’m sure many shareholders saw today’s 48% stock price spike as a relief ‘hail-mary’, rather than a jump for excitment with profits falling from the sky. after all, Yahoo as a company has been doing piss-poor for a while now, even after their golden boy Yang came back to the helm.

    Well done on MS for bidding on Yahoo, when its shares were at the worst its seen since early 2004.


  8. RacerX

    I will get mocked and / or shot for this, but after using Google AdSense and MS AdCenter…From a strictly user side…I like Microsoft Way better. Way less “our way or highway” and better integrated toolset…just no traffic :)

  9. Simple Mindz

    I heard about this ! I think they are buying it to try and “save” yahoo because they did so bad this year. Microsoft’s live search I heard was not doing so hot either?

  10. Jake

    So with a head to head microsoft / google rivalry would google grabbing adobe be out of the question? Google is in the software business now and control over the flash player could be invaluable.

  11. name

    Shoestradamus January 29th, 2008

    “I think Google will meet 4th quarter expectations and the stock will rise a bit to 600 by the end of the week. Its currently at 555.98 per share.”

    End of the week Google misses estimates to close at $515.90.

  12. Hustle Strategy

    fourth. this is really killing me. i like plot movement. and don’t mind only having one more season… i enjoyed the intro to the show, but the hanging plot is killing me.

  13. oakling

    Good work! So what does this mean for their announcement that they’re getting rid of 1,000 people to, you know, “pave the way for the future”? (or prevent the CEO from taking a pay cut… or whatever the real reason was)

  14. Dmitry

    i think it was quite anticipated given that the stock of yahoo really tanked for the last few months.. i’m actually quite surprised it didn’t happen sooner…
    the most amazing thing that can still happen if yahoo board rejects the offer…

  15. Simlock verwijderen

    I don’t know why people wants that Microsoft buys Yahoo? I don’t like it, because Microsoft becomes more popular and then you need to optimize for a lot of search engines, that is not human. Or are there some advantages for us when Microsoft buys Yahoo?

  16. Richard

    Your Blog is great and it is a pleasure to read information from a real person. I am not suprised you are so well listed. Honesty is what got you to the top ratings. Hope I can follow in your footsteps with my blog.



  17. Derek

    Is this finally an admission from MS that their search engine is fucked? And to the extent that it’s worth spending $44 billion to fix? 😉

  18. Brent

    Ha ha,,I was waiting for this post. If Yahoo does bite, do two wrongs make a right? Even if they do merge and IF the merger proves to be an improvement – they’ll still only barely put a dent in Google.

  19. Alan Johnson

    If that were to happen then G may just (finally) have a serious competitor and, as such, they will definitely change their attitude, a change which is always welcome :)

  20. RacerX

    So…Does AOL go to Google or News Corp…Now is time for TimeWarner to unleash the dog and run while there is some traffic there. It has been a scary drag on TW stock since Scott Case pulled the ultimate fast one!

  21. gusma

    Shoe. I can only see this as a trade of favors. Isn’t it logical that when yahoo announces the dismissal of employees hoping to bolster it’s stock (making more of what we call activos, or assets available) it doesn’t happen. We heard of such smokebombs before. I just don’t see it happening.

    If they hadn’t done it before by 50k million, why now for less? It’s just a maneuver to up-n-up their stocks again. God knows what Yahoo will have to pay for with later.

  22. Syed Balkhi

    I think it won’t do any good, but will make google better as stocks of yahoo will fall and microsoft’s investment will not come in result for a few years atleast. I dont think it is a good idea. But o well.

  23. Terry Tay

    I think I saw this news somewhere but I didn’t thought it was true till I see this. Is yahoo really getting in trouble or do they just wanna team up and compete with Google? Makes me wonder.

  24. Dan Horton SEO

    Good prediction shoe, another step for Microsoft to change the way they are perceived in search, well away from their company branding.
    nice to meet you too! im on the weight loss program too, well done to you on that

  25. legal

    i hope if microsoft do buy yahoo, the yahoo mail stays there. yahoo mail is much better than msn hotmail.

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