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I checked the Free Shirt Friday box the other day and there was this huge cardboard tube… I had no clue what the heck was inside. I was very surprised to find a few undermats! What are undermats? Well basically they are very cool printed images that go underneath your clear (and boring) carpet protector.

Here are the undermats they sent me:

Shoemoney Logo:

Money money money money!

and under my wifes desk (I am sure she will love it 😉 )

Very cool! Thanks dudes at undermats!

44 thoughts on “Undermats Are Pimp

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  2. Shaun Carter

    Yeah I thought that too… taking the work from home thing as far as not getting dressed in the morning.

    Very cool mats, I have not seen anything like that before.

  3. John

    Wonder if the can make one of a 25 year old Jenna Jameson? Hopefully that will be acceptable in the office…eh who cares I’ll have Jenna!

  4. gambit32

    Congrats Jer… thats the best Free T-Shirt Friday “shirt” I’ve seen posted so far.

    I’d probably order one that looks like the flame pits of hell. And I’d use it at work.

  5. Hustle Strategy

    As long as she feels important 😉 Go ahead, blog about how she is why you are successful. Wait from Friday “My success can be traced back to the day I met my wife. You take a brilliant marketing mind and apply some discipline and work ethic and magic things happen.” Did John Chow just pull a Jay-Z on you? He took a tight verse and made it a blog post… Biggie is to Jay-Z as Shoemoney is to John Chow?

  6. Dave

    That is a great product. Sometimes great ideas are right under your fett and you do not know it. Thanks for sharing, Shoe!

  7. Adam

    Thats actually kind of cool. But they remind me of the bed covers with the two chicks making out. Pretty awesome, but…would I really spend money on that?

  8. Greg

    Jeremy, your office has multiple monitors, and your wife’s office has only one, plus a 1999 keyboard — and not even a wireless mouse?

    Cool with me, but what does she think?

  9. ShowYes

    Every time I have more certainty. Everything is marketing and marketing is everything. Congratulations, you know use it well. (Using Google Translate)

  10. domprofesor

    Dude, i am beginning to hate you a little, you get things for free – and they are cool. But then again, you are cool too, so i stopped hating you.

  11. Dude

    Dude, love your blog but cannot read it due to the flashing banner on the right from clickbooth or whatever it is. Gave me a migraine headache in a couple minutes and I gotta go. Thought you may want to know ’bout dat.

    Peace out.

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