Undermats Are Pimp

by Jeremy Schoemaker on January 28, 2008 · 44 comments


I checked the Free Shirt Friday box the other day and there was this huge cardboard tube… I had no clue what the heck was inside. I was very surprised to find a few undermats! What are undermats? Well basically they are very cool printed images that go underneath your clear (and boring) carpet protector.

Here are the undermats they sent me:

Shoemoney Logo:

Money money money money!

and under my wifes desk (I am sure she will love it ;) )

Very cool! Thanks dudes at undermats!

full disclosure

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Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of the ShoeMoney Blog, Elite Retreat Internet Conference, & the PAR Program. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 Amazon Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. Jeremy currently lives in Lincoln Nebraska with his wife and 2 daughters.

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1 bob

hopefully you have shorts on

2 Shaun Carter

Yeah I thought that too… taking the work from home thing as far as not getting dressed in the morning.

Very cool mats, I have not seen anything like that before.

3 John

Wonder if the can make one of a 25 year old Jenna Jameson? Hopefully that will be acceptable in the office…eh who cares I’ll have Jenna!

4 gambit32

Congrats Jer… thats the best Free T-Shirt Friday “shirt” I’ve seen posted so far.

I’d probably order one that looks like the flame pits of hell. And I’d use it at work.

5 Tyler Dewitt

Damn dude you should send me on :)

6 Tyler Dewitt

Preferably a shoemoney sign

7 Tyler Dewitt

Ohh never mind my fault I just read the post again I see someone made them and sent them to you.

8 Hustle Strategy

Your wifes computer is missing a cpu!

9 Jeremy Schoemaker

the funny thing is she doesn’t even notice

10 RacerX

That is a great really unique idea for SWAG. Breaking out of the mix of everyone else is important..

11 Davide Di Cillo

c’mon… you got the desk with 3 monitors, super confy chair, huge lcd and you wife got the small desk in the corner? :)

12 Hustle Strategy

As long as she feels important ;) Go ahead, blog about how she is why you are successful. Wait from Friday “My success can be traced back to the day I met my wife. You take a brilliant marketing mind and apply some discipline and work ethic and magic things happen.” Did John Chow just pull a Jay-Z on you? He took a tight verse and made it a blog post… Biggie is to Jay-Z as Shoemoney is to John Chow?

13 Dave

That is a great product. Sometimes great ideas are right under your fett and you do not know it. Thanks for sharing, Shoe!

14 Adam

Thats actually kind of cool. But they remind me of the bed covers with the two chicks making out. Pretty awesome, but…would I really spend money on that?

15 Erica DeWolf

Wow. Unique swag. Have to say I love it though…

16 Fat Kid Unleashed

Hmm…I got a birthday coming up and could use one of those. I wonder how my cartoon fat kid would look on a mat :-)

Thanks for sharing, Jeremy.

17 Sunglasses Auctions

pimp indeed. those are great

18 Chris

Undermats != Underwear!

Please put on some pants :)

19 Greg

Jeremy, your office has multiple monitors, and your wife’s office has only one, plus a 1999 keyboard — and not even a wireless mouse?

Cool with me, but what does she think?

20 Fiscal Musings

That’s a pretty slick idea.

21 rxbbx

Indeed.. :)

22 Robert Norton

Actually I think that’s a Apple Keyboard?

23 ShowYes

Every time I have more certainty. Everything is marketing and marketing is everything. Congratulations, you know use it well. (Using Google Translate)

24 domprofesor

Dude, i am beginning to hate you a little, you get things for free – and they are cool. But then again, you are cool too, so i stopped hating you.

25 bochgoch

Definitely naked from the waist down … I’m sure you can see a reflection of Shoemoney’s ass in the glass door…

26 Anthony Shapley

Did you see the dollar tattoo? :)

27 How To Rule The World

yeah that is totally pimp. I cant wait till I can get my own branded floor mat =)

28 Chris Jacobson

Those are pretty sweet.

29 Free Xbox 360 Package

cool i have a 60sstyle one, you know the mod thing that you see on old military planes on my undermat.

30 Alan Johnson

Well Jeremy, it would be interesting to have a “Free Undermats Tuesday” from now on :)

31 Start Blogging

Haha, those are cool. Money money money! Love that one.

32 Start Blogging

He’d end up covering the entire house with undermats! Tacky!

33 Mike Huang

I guess people come up with ideas for ANYTHING! :)


34 Dude

Dude, love your blog but cannot read it due to the flashing banner on the right from clickbooth or whatever it is. Gave me a migraine headache in a couple minutes and I gotta go. Thought you may want to know ’bout dat.

Peace out.

35 ShowYes

It is cheaper than thought. I want one of those!

36 Free Auto Blogs

Free shirt fridays are definitely starting to head in some new directions. These are very cool (unlike the dude with the Shoemoney and DP tatts:))

37 MoiN

Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I want those too!!


38 Simlock verwijderen

Nice man. I will buy one too for myself. It is very beautiful your undermats. I like to read your blog man, it makes me happy!

39 Melanie Phung

That’s one of the silliest product ideas I’ve ever seen. Watch – they’ll sell like hot cakes.

40 Feed Flare

Thats cool, and please tell me you had pants on, or at least capris. All I saw in one pic was your shirt up top and bare legs….lmao

41 blair

haha. some amazing mats now i wanna buy some like that.

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