Google Doing Paid Reviews via AdSense? Why not!

I had an unconfirmed resource emailing me that Google Adsense will be testing a paid review service within the next couple months to beta testers via Adsense. I promptly emailed contacts at Google to confirm/deny with nothing back yet.

At first I wanted to just dismiss the email as hogwash (and it probably is) but I can think of many reasons why Google would jump into the paid review industry.

Publishers – Google already has a amazingly huge database of publishers.

Advertisers – Nobody has no online advertisers then Google AND now they they have taped into the news, magazine and radio network they have access to tap even more advertisers on the shoulder to pay for reviews of their service.

Blogger – Google already owns the biggest blog network in the world and they seem to already have a relationship with wordpress for easy implementation of Google AdSense on (that would make sense anyway).

Metrics – Between Google toolbar, Adsense, and Pagerank data Google has by far the best metrics to price a site for a review. They already use these metrics for Adwords in selling contextual ads and links.

Google has pretty much destroyed ReviewMe and PayPerPost (the competition) and launching there own seems like it would solve all of their problems. The big issues Google had with paid reviews was the linking issue and now they can control all of that PLUS get a chunk of the revenue.

So again…. there is no credible source that is saying Google is getting into the paid review marketplace but it would certainly seem like it would be a very good business move for them.

What do you think? Could we see Paid Reviews via the Adwords/Adsense system in 2008?

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