PayPerPlay Audio Ads – Innovative or Annoying?

Payperplay is a new advertising company that lets you put javascript on your website and it will play audio ads in which you get paid less than 1 cent (based on users reportings I could find) per ad play/per person. Payperplay seems to have filled the gap of all the former Agloco and Yuwie promoters who are going around spamming various forums and anywhere they can get their link in. You see the Payperplay system is a multilevel marketing program in which you get a percentage people you sign up like a big pyramid. I give this program about 6 months before it dies.

Be leary of people promoting this. Look and see if they are actually using it yourself. On every blogpost I could find on the subject I never could find 1 person actually running the ad.

Also srsly! The one thing I hate is when I open a website and BLAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM my speakers !!! GREAT MY BABY JUST WOKE UP THANKS JACKASS.

Thats my 2 cents on PayPerPlay.

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