PayPerPlay Audio Ads – Innovative or Annoying?

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Payperplay is a new advertising company that lets you put javascript on your website and it will play audio ads in which you get paid less than 1 cent (based on users reportings I could find) per ad play/per person. Payperplay seems to have filled the gap of all the former Agloco and Yuwie promoters who are going around spamming various forums and anywhere they can get their link in. You see the Payperplay system is a multilevel marketing program in which you get a percentage people you sign up like a big pyramid. I give this program about 6 months before it dies.

Be leary of people promoting this. Look and see if they are actually using it yourself. On every blogpost I could find on the subject I never could find 1 person actually running the ad.

Also srsly! The one thing I hate is when I open a website and BLAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM my speakers !!! GREAT MY BABY JUST WOKE UP THANKS JACKASS.

Thats my 2 cents on PayPerPlay.

85 thoughts on “PayPerPlay Audio Ads – Innovative or Annoying?

  1. Alan Johnson

    This one doesn’t stand a chance in the long run because it is an easy target for people who will want to take advantage of it. Right now, the ones thinking that it is the “next big thing” are promoting it like there’s no tomorrow but I am afraid that a reality check will be in order tairly soon.

  2. Matt Packer

    I’m signed up on it and from indications it will do alright for a short time before people will either get annoyed with it or the company wont be able to keep up with the payment terms and selling the advertising.

    I think you’re right in giving it 6 months.

  3. Jamie Harrop

    Music that auto plays on Web sites was found to drive every Tom, Dick and Harry crazy in the ’90’s. Most people learned that like flashing, multi-coloured, rotating animated gifs, auto-play music just not “cool”, “funny”, “awesome”, or in any way, shape or form good practice on a Web site. You give it six months Jeremy? I think that’s an estimate with far too much credit for the program. I say six weeks, but hey, I could be wrong. :)

  4. Brian Free

    They are annoying … I did a paid review for them, they made me sign up and implement the code .. they were so annoying I removed it 2 days after the review was completed

  5. Guy Patterson

    Some possible solutions.

    1) disable javascript
    2) edit your hosts file (in XP) to point their servers to
    3) keep your speakers down

    Don’t get me wrong, I feel your pain. Just trying to provide some suggestions.

  6. iantrepreneur

    i wrote about this because I have been receiving emails to promote it and users didnt even cloak their links, I was being bombarded with this and I found it to be uber annoying just like you said jeremy – go to a site then “HEY YOU BUY MY PRODUCT!”

  7. Darren Rowse

    Annoying – incredibly annoying.

    I’m talking about the ads – but also their promotion techniques. I’ve been counting the number of people who have sent (spammed) me emails saying that they ‘represent’ (are affiliates) for this company – I’ve had over 200 of them.

    I’ll not use them soley based upon this – but their ads make me cringe also.

  8. Linda Tong

    I have signed up a few weeks back. And from my understanding from Gene who is a moderator/staff member at Namepros who is helping to run the program says the audio will last only 5 seconds. As far as the ads, the program has not even started yet. They will start running the ads 2/1/2008. If you are getting any noise now on sites that have the script, the sites owners forgot to turn the sound from yes to no. So in the mean time visitors who visit before the 1 of February will not get the static noise.

    So for people to be up in arms about a program that has not started or for webmasters who did not turn the sound off prior of the launch of the program need to be more patient.

    For further questions pm the owners or Gene over at Namepros. Here is the link at Namepros where Gene fields more questions.

  9. bob cobb

    this company tried to get me to sign up by emailing me. They are awful ads that I hate pretty much as much as kontera or those other crappy in text ads. Obtrusive and annoying, only good for spam sites

  10. Linda Tong

    People you have little understanding about what is going on as of yet. The program has not even launched as of yet. For those who inserted the script remember to turn the sound on the night before February 1 when the program starts otherwise you will get the static noise. How can so many complain when the program has not even started as of yet. In addition the audio ads are only 5 seconds. If you want more questions to be answered about this program, pm the owners of ppp or pm Gene the moderator/staff person who is at nampros who is working on this program.

  11. jim

    I agree, audio ads are terrible. I hated it when AIM woudl randomly play movie clips, I’d have no idea where it was coming from until OH WAIT it’s my freaking chat client.

  12. Collin - Feed Flare

    LOL, it is hard enough to get readers to subscribe to your feed so lets say, piss them off to top it off. I was told by there marketer that you get paid for every page load, at a cost between 3 to 9 cents per page load.
    Jermey how many pages loads per day do you have?

  13. mick

    It’s the worst type in my opinion..just as bad as “PLEASE TYPE IN AND LET ME SAY THE WORD”from a certain company….yeah i type in allright, profanities when the kids are not around LOL just for fun.
    All it is good for is to wake you up if the screen has hypnotised you into slumber.
    Aint very good for weak hearts either when the sound suddenly blams away out of the blue.

  14. Sunglasses Auctions

    Anything audio is annoying. flash banners with mouse overs are annoying

    i know there are apps out there where u can control sound options for specific programs, i.e. for firefox or IE, so i might need to install that soon

  15. Erica DeWolf

    Thanks everyone for the feedback. It seems that this is a definite no no…first hand experience with this service (or lack of, in some cases), are extremely helpful in deciding to sign up for new services.

    Thanks for the heads up, shoe!

  16. Adam


    Congratulations, if I ever find you I will rip your tongue out (not really but I’m sure you’ve all experienced the same ad)

  17. CatherineL

    I hate when that happens too. Don’t they realise that some people have kids sleeping? I never return to sites that have music, video or anything else play automatically as soon as the page loads.

  18. Nick Sullivan

    Sounds absolutely ridiculous. Will die for sure in my opinion. Audio ads? god no. Trying to move forward but going backwards, ads should be attractive, relevant but not annoying. And having audio play automatically especially for an ad is just really annoying.

    Whoever thought of this probably thought of it because it hasn’t been done. But what they should of thought it ”why hasn’t it been done” you try it and find out lmao! because it’s a terrible idea.

    But on the frontal of your baby waking up Shoe, that’s surely upto you to make sure your speakers are turned off lol. You can’t put the ownus on the website or the owner, you chose to visit it.

    That’s like me waking up someone when I turn on my TV and blaming the BBC. It’s my fault for not turning the volume down!

  19. Dot Com Mogul

    They are annoying to me. People are already spamming using audio ads, building sites that have no other purpose than to lure visitors to listen to the crappy ads so they can make their penny.

  20. Max Whitson

    I also think that pay per play will not work out. I hate those “you won a free ipod” ads. Just think how annoying it would get if every page had one of those. I would leave the site in a heart beat.

  21. Steven Wilson

    Like Brad mentioned I always search the net with the speakers off as to not here such.It will die very fast I think.I wonder if John Chow will get caught up in this scam like he did with AGLOCO.

  22. Shaun Carter

    I’ve gotten into the habit of keeping my speakers muted unless I specifically want to watch a video or listen to something. That’s why I don’t think PayPerPlay will be viable long-term.

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  24. Marhgil

    This is actually my question on your Fire Away Your Questions post but it seems that my comment was buried by your spam filter. :) No one is using it yet because the ads will only start rolling on February 1.. Let us see if your prediction is true. 6 months? Time will tell. :) Thanks for sharing your 2 cents.

  25. Dennis Bjørn Petersen

    Audio ads are annoying. It helps if they are activated by mouse-over. Then I can keep my mouse away from the cursed ads.

    Who wants to get disturbed by an annoying ad? As though there aren’t enough of those on TV.

    On the other hand, most people are immune to ads, so in order to draw some extra attention I think advertisers need to come up with something extraordinary.

  26. Collin LaHay

    I agree with you. I made a post on this a few weeks ago before the hype started. People will promote anything if they can stick their referral link at the end and mooch a profit. I will never subscribe to a blog that has auto streaming audio ads… that is worse than a popunder/up.

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  28. side-line music magazine

    I am going to give it a go since my users have a habit of listening to audio when being online, so they might be a target group that is a bit more open to this…

    Will let you know what the results are.

  29. Mike

    Don’t give them your e-mail or you will get every single day an e-mail from them promoting their services! That’s what happend to me…

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  31. James Constantine

    Some of the points made here are valid, however, the ads have yet to run so nobody has any experience with this particular ad company.
    I’ll wait to deliver my judgment until I hear the ads. They might not be as bad as everyone fears and could be a source of income for those who need or want it.

  32. Simlock verwijderen

    I don’t like PPP audio ads because some reasons:

    1) It is annoying me. I am reading something and then I have to hear some bullshit in the most cases.
    2) Sometimes I don’t have my boxes on, so I don’t hear it. You will lose customers.

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  35. Mike


    Having read through this string, I see we have a majority who are just plain anti advertising zealots, or those who hate all advertisng. lol

    I will admit, most advertisements are unwanted, but the fact remains, if businesses don’t advertise, then they will be out of business in a flash.

    Who likes all the Google Adsense ads cluttering up almost every site you visit? As one who has been on both sides of issue, as an advertiser, as well as one who promotes advertisements, I have seen it all, and in my opinion, you cannot possibly find any medium without its flaws.

    We have all seen advertising shift to the internet as it contines to explode, and with adsense revenues for most shrinking, never mind the economy doing the same, advertising becomes even more important to the life blood of every business, so whether you like PayPerPlay of hate it, it makes no difference, it will succeed just because it is different, and it is on the internet, so get over it, you can at least turn off your volume, just as you probably do with your radio and TV. lol

    Sorry, I like it, as an advertiser and as a webmaster looking to recapture what I have lost in the PayPerClick arena, I could care less if I hear a quick 5 second blurb while opening a site, and if I don’t want to hear it, I have the option of turning off my sound, or turning it down low if as some say, don’t wake the baby. All the same complaints were all over the net when Google started, so since bad news always travels faster than good news, I expect to see more of the same when PayPerPlay launches. Time will tell, but is was fun reading all these anti ad posts.

  36. Discount LCD TVs

    Hate those kind of ads… For those stating that these ads only lat 5 seconds, blablabla… 5 seconds ads blasting your speakers, still wake up your baby!!! Get a life, yo!

  37. James Constantine

    First, pyramid schemes are illegal.
    B, Do you really think these big name advertisers would be a part of it if it was against the law?(well maybe(;>}.
    Nobody would be reading this post if the world didn’t progress.
    Advertising is what keeps things free to most people. I.E. TV, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines.
    D, Web 2.0 will follow suit. If you don’t like it, start your own free web business and see how long you stay afloat without SELLING something.
    Just my opinion.

  38. Colin Joss

    I think I am one of the most least updated person on the net. I just read about this payperplay here, but from the reading only, it already sounds so annoying. Maybe that is the reason of why I have never run into this kind of ads on the blog I have visited.

    Colin Joss
    East Lothian, Haddington, United Kingdom

  39. commes

    i like how you guys say that its annoying and all and that you removed it within so many days because of the sound.but i have a question for you…where did you get this from?because no ads are being played until feb. 1st so by the sounds of it a lot of you are wannabes that want to sound cool.

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  42. Tutorial Zone

    Freaking annoying advertisements! I hate them. I also hate some of those waiting programs where you have a small crappy advertisment before getting to the real video. Thats profiting from someone elses video. It sucks.

  43. Idea

    Well, TVs just turn up the voice and nobody seems to be throwing them out why not a poor webmaster do the same? The problem is that after a while people don’t click on a site that they are not sure about it without testing it first.

  44. Mike


    I just love to read all the ad haters here. lol Come on people, all advertising is annoying, whether radio, TV, billboards, adsense, pop ups, and for some, so would this PayPerPlay deal, so unlike other mediums, turn off your sound if you can’t take a 5 second blip and get over it.

  45. Ideas to make money online

    How is this is a bad idea ?? this idea is practically a newborn… give it time. this form of advertising is awesome..c’mon 5 seconds? people can’t handle 5 seconds? who cares? unless you’re one of those high strung a-holes who whines about everything.. well you’re not important, you dont matter :)

  46. Eric


    I thought that I would add my comment. I too joined up with this service out of curiosity. Don’t expect to be using it seriously – with a serious hearing problem I find audi’s and videos a less than ideal form of communication and would not be in a position to assess the audio ads for myself.

    With regards to the ads – I feel there are two main classes of web site –

    1. promotional commercial where the web site owner positively want you there and to have a good experience and

    2. the web sites which provides an information service, which the visitor positively wants to access.

    In the first instance it would be silly to detract from the site experience or to risk adverse advertising. In the second case (assuming the site is providing worthwhile information free) the web site operator is entitle to carry whatever advertising they like to offset costs. And indeed to use their own audio tracks if they so wish – its their web site.
    Although if the audio advertising is effective – that is a separate issue.

    If the visitor does not like the site and leaves they are the loser, in this case, not the web site owner.

    Really just turn off the sound – if its a problem.

  47. Pown


    In defense of PPP they have just started and so need the customers so made an affilate program to spread the message. Also it is great for sites like mine. I get around 30k uniques per week and around 90k page views with this I could earn 300+ per week compared to 6$ with adsense. So for arcades/entertainment sites its just like the adverts before a video.

    My 2 cents

  48. FreebieForce

    Appears they have too many promoters already, so somehow this has become far more successful than anyone thought. Perhaps it has something to do with the drop in revenues for most who are promoting Google Adsense.

    Nice problem to have, too many willing webmasters and not enough advertisers, so just like all the critics of Google came out against advertising, so too are they coming out again claiming noise pollution. lol

    Egads, who works with speakers blasting anyhow, so what is the big deal, turn off your speakers if you don’t want to hear an ad bite. The same is true of your TV, radio, turn them off too if you don’t like advertising. What most don’t understand is that nothing happens without advertising, so you want to see a real recession, block all advertising mediums. lol

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  52. Karen Jane Moore

    For someone doing Audio Ads seems very professionally, take a look at this website. I herd Audio ads from Coca Cola and Godaddy, They have some big names on board? $12.50 for 1000 plays, I think I am going to give this one a try, says they have tiered downline affiliate comission, and you can get comission for signing up playing customers, about time someone did this properly, I think there is a big market out there.

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