Seo Discussion With Danny Sullivan Now Available

People that are looking for a all out disrespectful brawl do not even bother listening. Also there was a lot of hype leading up to this people saying I said SEO was worthless and all this which is not what i said… I said 95% of SEO people piss me off. Also all you SEO’s who were talking trash about Danny in comments of the last post (which have been deleted and the post is now locked) you should be ashamed of yourself. He has already forgotten more about this industry then you will ever know.

With that said I think it was a really interesting show. You can tell how passionate Danny is about the industry. It was hard to get a word in once he got started. I would not really call it a debate as much as I would call it a interesting discussion about SEO and how to clean up the industry.

All these SEO’s now that are coming out of the woodwork saying they wanted to debate… you had a week to get me your phone numbers.. I got 2 yesterday a few hours before the show and it was not enough time to make it work with webmasterradio. (I work 7am to 4:45 then bust ass home to do the radio show).

Thanks to Danny for coming on the show!