Danny Sullivan Stepping Up To Defend Expert SEO’s

UPDATE: the show has been posted here… but it doesnt appear to be working =(

After my post last week on how I dislike 95% of “SEO Experts” many people talked but few stepped up to my challenge of coming on the radio show and talking about the issues.

Well the godfather of SEO doesn’t back down from anyone and he will be on the show tonight live at 5pm CST on webmaster radio. If you listened to Danny’s Search Cast the other day you heard him go off on a little rant about my post. It should be a interesting show.

BTW it was mentioned that this was just a attempt to get more people to listen to my show so I could make more money. I just want to be clear I get absolutely no money out of doing the show. All of the advertiser money goes directly to webmasterradio.fm. I receive no compensation. I do the show because i enjoy doing it. Webmasterradio does have a subscription program… again I receive none of that revenue. I just want to be very clear on that.

All of my programs are free to listen to live and when I post them on here.