Danny Sullivan Stepping Up To Defend Expert SEO’s

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UPDATE: the show has been posted here… but it doesnt appear to be working =(

After my post last week on how I dislike 95% of “SEO Experts” many people talked but few stepped up to my challenge of coming on the radio show and talking about the issues.

Well the godfather of SEO doesn’t back down from anyone and he will be on the show tonight live at 5pm CST on webmaster radio. If you listened to Danny’s Search Cast the other day you heard him go off on a little rant about my post. It should be a interesting show.

BTW it was mentioned that this was just a attempt to get more people to listen to my show so I could make more money. I just want to be clear I get absolutely no money out of doing the show. All of the advertiser money goes directly to webmasterradio.fm. I receive no compensation. I do the show because i enjoy doing it. Webmasterradio does have a subscription program… again I receive none of that revenue. I just want to be very clear on that.

All of my programs are free to listen to live and when I post them on here.

36 thoughts on “Danny Sullivan Stepping Up To Defend Expert SEO’s

  1. RacerX

    I really like listening to them afterward. I don’t really get the whole if you make money on it it is evil thing.

    You are investing your time. I have no qualms about you getting paid for it if you were!

  2. Blackbeard

    Shoe, I’m glad you got Danny Sullivan to do your show, at least he knows enough to be able to defend the SEO profession in an admirable way. I agree with you that 95% of “SEO Experts” are a huge joke. All you have to do to be an “expert” is to pretend to be one. The real good SEO people are worth their weight in gold and can’t be found in a $200 search engine submission package.

    Then again, I think you could make an argument that the majority of sites do NOT need to hire a SEO. They need to do real, old-fashioned marketing and advertising to get their name out there. SEO can help a bit, but taking the hundreds or thousands of dollars and putting it towards PPC, PR, and other advertising would be a better way to jump start a site than waiting for organic traffic to come your way.

  3. Alan Johnson

    I will be tuning in, as it seems that we have quite a productive debate ahead of us. It would have also been interesting to see what Rand Fishkin has to say, maybe you could invite him over in the near future and as well.

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  5. Buy Website

    Guess I missed the show. SEO is awesome and constantly changing. I will have to read the previous post and see if there is a recording of this show.



  6. Hustle Strategy

    My comments were “they were well defended in the posts. they don’t need to give shoe more by being on the radio show.” I was not referring to money, but rather to attention. While you might not get directly paid there are many reasons why it helps build your brand and name (not to mention you can name drop almost anything you want). The larger the name you have on the show the more attention you draw. It was a no win for you to call out people, you look like the man if no one comes and if someone does show up you get attention. Lets say you are featured in Forbes magazine, do you get paid, no. Can it boost your brand? At this point your are just marketing on your blog and some of your other ventures. Like it was said above, I have no qualms about you doing your thing and you getting paid for whatever. I do come for content though (along with entertainment and motivation) and get frustrated when all threads are heat getters/attention whore post/affiliate links/etc… I pointed out the gem today and was very happy to see it. ;)

  7. TheWalrua

    I was working with a SEO on a previous site, before TheWalrus.biz, and the guy was a joke. He talked a big game but delivered nothing.

    Good post

  8. Search◊ Engines Web

    Obviously, no one had the courage to debate SearchEnginesWEB – cause’ if anyone reads a particular Google blog , they all know by now……….


    YOU WILL BE BLOWN TO SMITHEREENS, Traumatized and Tortured – to the point of becoming a lifeless, brain dead Ameoba, once SearchEnginesWeb gets focused :-o

  9. Erica

    Can’t wait to hear what Mr. Sullivan had to say. I intend to listen to it as soon as the link begins to work…

    I admire how you say what you think instead of worrying about offending others. It makes for interesting posts and a healthy discussion about what’s working and what’s not working!


  10. Dave

    These ‘company men’ like Danny Sullivan and Rand Fishkin are the worst people to follow for SEO advice.

  11. Dave

    What’s up with WMR? Is this some kind of non-for-profit venture or something like that? They don’t pay their talent so they don’t seem to get any regularity in schedules. Shoemoney used to be pretty timely, but not so much lately. The only ones that do a regular schedule are the SEO 101 guys….and the bad thing about that is they all suck. haha

  12. POOPeGifts_com

    Remember, there are professional SEO that can provide numbers to potential clients. Numbers without client names, or client names with percentages are very common. Client names with exact numbers are NOT common, because lcinets don’t want those figures released. However, I do often show search ranking results, and ROI figures to those that ask. Most high end SEO’s have at least a few case studies.

  13. ItsSadReally

    I think it’s pretty sad that some of the “big names” in the search industry feel the need to defend it. If I wrote a post about how 95% of lawyers are worthless I’m willing to bet I wouldn’t get “top” lawyers jumping at the chance to “defend” themselves. Same with any other profession.

    Danny/Rand and anyone else who decided to “step up”…you’re just pushing our industry backwards, not forwards. You’re so easy to bait and you feel the need to keep publicly defending a profession that doesn’t need defending. Shoe’s post just makes him look uniformed, you’re “stepping up” makes you look insecure and does nothing for the search industry as a whole.

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