Crunchies Awards Rocked

by Jeremy Schoemaker on January 19, 2008 · 53 comments

Just got to my hotel from the techcrunch crunchie awards. Super cool event.

I had a press pass so after the show I got to spend some time with the winners who I had talked to online or had been on my radio show but I have never met in person before:

Pete Cashmore of

Founder of FaceBook Mark Zuckerberg

Matt Mullenweg founder of WordPress

Kevin Rose founder of

I just want to thank Michael Arrington of again for the pass. I had a great time.

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Shoemoney 1 Roger
2 Dave Turnbull

lol @ Kevin Rose

3 Josh Buckley

nice one shoe! I’d love to meet all those guys.

4 Mystery

Is that Kevin Rose? LOL yeah it is!

Shoe… keep on rocking ;)

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5 David Dunn

Nice one Jeremy, I too would have loved to meet some of those people. Kevin Rose does look a bit lost :D.


6 Tyler Dewitt

too cool!

7 Contest Beat

Those dudes are so young!

8 Search◊ Engines Web

Why didn’t you pose with Mike Arrington?

Were they any other high profile Geek Stars there

9 Affiliate Confession

Shoe is hangin’ with the big guys, even got to hang with Zuckerberg and Arrington. Nice.

10 Jeremy Schoemaker

Everyone that was nominated for an award was there and also pretty much a who’s who of 2.0 company founders

11 Think Like An SOB

Couldn’t find Tom from Myspace for a photo? lol

12 Jeremy Schoemaker

ya I had no idea the facebook guy was 23…. pretty impressive

13 Cyrus

Wow. Looks like an incredible experience. Any insight to those guys’ personalities? What are they like in conversation?

14 Adam

So who won? I dont want to have to go to TechCrunch to see >_<

15 Affiliate Unleashed

That is awesome!!! :D Some big name pictures there! Lucky ;)

16 Positive Flow

Lots of big money names… All young men, making it rich. The internet belongs to the young, and that proves it once again. Would love to meet those guys, such an inspiration, a great positive vibe hanging with those guys. Good work Shoe

17 You're Killing My Server

Is it me or does Kevin Rose look like he always wears the same outfit?

18 Luke Beale

There are some big webmasters there :D

19 Wes Mahler

Hey Shoemoney, that was awesome, appreciate you willing to take a picture with me to before the ceremony, made my day! Thanks!

20 Dave

Funny…out of all those “big timers” – shoe is the only one who actually figured out how to make money online.

21 Web Cosmo

Good to see all those young kids came up with all those brilliant ideas. Inspiring as well.

22 ImageGag

I liked Mark Zuckerberg’s interview on 60 Minutes. The reporter said something to the effect of “There’s a lot of buzz saying that you”ll be as powerful as the guys who founded Google.” (or something like that)

She paused and waited for him to respond. He says “Is that a question?” and then laughs. He just seemed very laid back.

23 Funny t-shirts

You gotta watch the 60-mins interview with him from last week.

24 Mubin

there must be people worth over $2-3 Billion in that same building.

25 Start Blogging

Wow… so you got to meet all those people???
That’s amazing!
What was it like to be around all those famous people? Did you feel like you were inspired by them so you could create something as successful as they did?

26 Will

dang you met kevin rose lol. I remember watching his episodes on “thebroken”.

27 Will

no way, I always see kevin wearing casual clothes.

28 Mike 11|15 Media

Well aren’t they all? Facebook and Digg are online sites/services and Shoe started with Nextpimp which is also a site/service that people used and he monetized. You could argue that the difference is Shoe didn’t reinvent the wheel to make money and these guys (most pictured) created something completely new. It’s the difference between using a site in a new way to make money (Nextpimp), and creating a new technology to change the way we use the web (Facebook, Digg).

29 Nashville4U

I remember kevin rose from tech tv I am pretty sure. Looks like a lot of big people in one place, almost everything big on the internet someone there invented it.

30 Real Lottery Winner

looks like it was a lot of fun! Thanks for the pics w/ all the cool people :)

31 How To Rule The World

Totally awesome… I wish I was able to attend the event myself. Maybe next year =)

32 Shaun Carter

Must have been nice to be rubbing elbows with a billionaire (Mark).

33 David Chew

Nice post.

34 David Chew

He does knows a lot of famous people.

35 David Chew

They really know how to earn some money.

36 Will

I agree. All these people are successful in their own right. Just because they didn’t want to do something to make money initially doesn’t mean it won’t benefit them in the long run.

37 Edward

Matt looks totally different from the pic on his blog! o.0

38 Neil Duckett

Some pretty cashed up young dudes there.

39 Knuckles10

That’d definitely be true. However, Kevin Rose adds nothing to that figure. As much traffic as Digg gets… it cant seem to monetize it. I would rather have less hits with more people clicking than their loads of hits with noone clicking.

40 Rick

looks like shoe has put on some weight

41 Nascar

That’s awesome. It is good to be young and famous with the internet opening a lot of doors to smart people with ideas.

42 Ollie

Damn cool.

43 Simple Mindz

They all look so very young!

44 web proxy

Awesome man! I would love to meet up with those big guys out there! Great job Shoe, would be great if you could rope me in in your next visit to such cool places :P

45 Jacky Supit

oh that super successful younger :)

46 serge

these guys look like average guys that you wouldn’t expect to be running or founded such well known companies.

47 Andrew

Looks like an awesome night. I have always wondered what the successful people look like. But congratulations to you and all the other guys at the awards. You all thoroughly deserve it. Nice pictures. I see got an award. All magnificent sites.

Regards Andrew

48 Mike Huang

wow Shoe, you got some pics with the BIG NAMES in the online industry :)


49 ShowYes

Pictures for a few. Only the elite of the Internet in the photos, including the creator of ShoeMoney

50 Sarah

Wow. Mashable dude is hot.

51 hermes handbags

That’d definitely be true. However, Kevin Rose adds nothing to that figure. As much traffic as Digg gets… it cant seem to monetize it. I would rather have less hits with more people clicking than their loads of hits with noone clicking

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