Triggit – The Bloggers New Best Friend

TriggitI have been talking to the folks over at Triggit about their new product that is launching today. Its still in early beta but I feel its definitely read to roll. I have been using it for a little bit on this site and I doubt you have even noticed!

So what is Triggit? Well basically it just makes your blogging life easier. It makes it VERY simple to add rich media from YouTube and Flickr to your blog and also (and more attractively makes it SUPER EASY to add links to commission junction and Amazon.

From their press release:

How does Triggit’s technology work?
Triggit’s proprietary patent-pending technology enables website publishers to add content to their sites without writing to the source code of the site. Triggit’s web-based technology enables publishers to use a graphical interface to drag and drop content into their sites. These changes are recorded by Triggit and dynamically served to the client browser. A complete web-based application, Triggit requires no down-loads, and since no changes are made to the source code, there is no need for FTPs or APIs.

That is the one big complaint I have about Amazon is its such a pain in the butt to log in and get my affiliate link for a product… Triggit makes this process SO SIMPLE.

If pictures say a thousand words then I thought this video would say a million 😉

In the video I am going to add links and content to one of the most popular pages on this site which is the movies that motivate me post:

Sorry the video is kind of poor quality… but you can see how effective it is.

AND NOW you can get in on the very limited beta. I got the folks at triggit to give out 100 invites for shoemoney readers. Just use code shoemoney when you signup. Good luck!