Why I do not like 95% of SEO Experts

I claim all the time I am not a SEO and I have never sold SEO services. I always get labeled as a SEO though for some reason. I actually despise being labeled a SEO. Why? SEO’s are like the 21st century car salesmen. Most are slimy and have no clue what they are talking about. They tell you you just need to put spammy keywords in your title tag, keyword tag, and write a spammy as hell description meta tag.

Here is a prime example. In this site this guy says that I am losing money because my title tag does not contain more spammy words I could rank for.

Shoemoney – current title “Shoemoney – Skills To Pay The Bills” (Shoemoney, as famous as you are, I know you already rank great for many keywords, and although the title sounds good, why not optimize it and cash in on more visitors? Come on, dude!)

So its probably a link bait attempt which i am biting on.. however if your going to bait me to link to your site and lecture me on how I can make money you should at least have something on your advertiser page besides a blank page. Your credibility just went out the window.

This is why SEO’s are like used car salesman…

1) They can always sell you something.

2) They can never guarantee results.

3) They can not be held accountable.

4) They have a answer for everything.

5) All the magic happens behind the curtains – they cant tell you what they are actual doing because that would be getting to much into the secret sauce.

6) Anyone can be a SEO.

Here is my advice to anyone thinking about getting SEO services:

Concentrate on building a quality service. One that people will actually WANT TO BOOKMARK and comeback to. When I showed my stats from Nextpimp and this site people kept asking how I get so many “direct” hits. Its like people don’t know you can goto a web site without going to a god-damn Search Engine. When you create a good, useful service/site people will actually want to come to your site without you spamming Google.

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