Town Crier Motel – Free Shirt Friday

by tbuck on January 4, 2008 · 20 comments

Town Crier Motel is located on lower Cape Cod, in the town of Eastham. Their central location and proximity to the National Seashore beaches provides maximum sight-seeing pleasures, as well as cycling, surfing, swimming, fishing, golfing, whale watching, shopping, and elegant dining in the many superb restaurants within a five mile radius.

Thanks for the shirt!

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1 Hustle Strategy

“Free Wireless Internet ” can’t be too bad

2 Mike Huang

Looks like the shirt might be a little too small…


3 jim

how many more do you have until the photos stop having glasses?

4 jim

i hate it when hotels make you pay $10 for internet, build it into the cost and quit nickel and diming people

5 Nicholas James

He said in an earlier blog post around 100 or so.

6 Nicholas James

Is it me…or did the back of that t-shirt just kill it?

7 joe

it’s you, because the back of the shirt makes me want to drvie there and buy one

8 Spy Optic

looks like a good fit to me

9 Cape Cod Daily

If you do drive here, wait until Summer. Cape Cod is much more fun in July.
Besides, The Town Crier is closed until April and I don’t think they sell Tshirts on the website. ;-)

10 Luis Alberto

Hey Shoe, didn’t you had eye surgery a few weeks ago? Why are you still wearing glasses?

11 Contest Beat

Haha, random company. Cool logo though

12 Kristi @ Addicted2Decor

I think it’s great that you do this…but only one a week? So if someone sent you a shirt today, how long would it take for it to show up here? Seems like it would be over a year, from what I’ve seen.

13 Kalena

@ Kristi – 2 months and counting here :-(

14 Jeremy Schoemaker

I think its about 3 months behind or so. Sending a 20 with it helps =P jk

15 Adam Holland

Your modeling skills are improving .. hehe

Shoemoney… skills to … wear the t-shirts..

16 Scott Weaver

Mike, he’s not a gangster.

..or is he?

17 Scott Weaver

Question: who takes these pics?

18 Simlock verwijderen

Why you want to know that? Hahahahahaha

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