Vote for Joost de Valk & other sej 2007 award thoughts

Joost de valk If I have any influence in the matter I would like to encourage people to vote for Joost de Valk in the search engine journal awards. Why do I ask you to? Well Joost writes some really kickass plugins. Several times I have pinged him to write a plugin and he whips it out like nothing. I offer to pay him but he always tells me he would rather just release it to the public then receive money. I think that is pretty cool. He is also very receptive to feedback and criticism. If you have tried some of the plugins I have mentioned in the last year odds are you are using one of his free plugins.

Here are some of the plugins he has written so far:

Other Search Engine Journal Award thoughts:

Last year I won 2 awards from SEJ and that was pretty cool. This year I have been nominated for best photos of search conferences and I think anyone who looks at my gallery would have a hard time voting for any of the flickr hosted other peoples collages. Seriously… my photo gallery is the best so you should vote for it.

I have also been nominated for affiliate blog of the year. I do not think I should win this one. TBH out of all the blogs nominated only “5 Star Affiliate Marketing Blog” is really a affiliate blog. The rest of them may talk occasionally but I feel there are much better affiliate focused blogs…

In all I think awards are kind of silly. I guess this is pretty hypocritical. I won a bunch last year but now this year it seems everyone who is having awards has me nominated. I wonder how much I really am deserving of them vs how much they just want me to link to them and give them some traffic… any thoughts on this?

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