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Joost de valk If I have any influence in the matter I would like to encourage people to vote for Joost de Valk in the search engine journal awards. Why do I ask you to? Well Joost writes some really kickass plugins. Several times I have pinged him to write a plugin and he whips it out like nothing. I offer to pay him but he always tells me he would rather just release it to the public then receive money. I think that is pretty cool. He is also very receptive to feedback and criticism. If you have tried some of the plugins I have mentioned in the last year odds are you are using one of his free plugins.

Here are some of the plugins he has written so far:

Other Search Engine Journal Award thoughts:

Last year I won 2 awards from SEJ and that was pretty cool. This year I have been nominated for best photos of search conferences and I think anyone who looks at my gallery would have a hard time voting for any of the flickr hosted other peoples collages. Seriously… my photo gallery is the best so you should vote for it.

I have also been nominated for affiliate blog of the year. I do not think I should win this one. TBH out of all the blogs nominated only “5 Star Affiliate Marketing Blog” is really a affiliate blog. The rest of them may talk occasionally but I feel there are much better affiliate focused blogs…

In all I think awards are kind of silly. I guess this is pretty hypocritical. I won a bunch last year but now this year it seems everyone who is having awards has me nominated. I wonder how much I really am deserving of them vs how much they just want me to link to them and give them some traffic… any thoughts on this?

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  1. Alan Johnson

    Well, since you make a money as an affiliate as well and are running a blog (which sure, is more of a personal blog and not necessarily focused on a certain topic), I guess they’ve reached the conclusion that this is an affiliate blog. However, since you do have some posts related to affiliate marketing, nominating you is understandable (though my guess would be that the exposure resulting from being mentioned on your blog is also taken into consideration a lot of times :) )

  2. Steve!

    You’re right, you aren’t an affiliate blog, but you do make some good points. You’re more of a rambler. If you look at Alan Liew (google search making money online – his blog is number 1 on list) he never writes anything but making money. That’s it!

  3. Gulf Coast

    I think the awards are silly. Just like the early ‘everyone awards something to everyone’ awards shown on geocities and bravenet sites. That is unless you get some tangable prize, of course (I have not looked to see), But if all you get is a mini-banner for your site….silly.
    I make myself and friends *awards* all the time :o)
    I’ll make you a few to display if you want.
    Meanwhile, I’ll vote for you and yer buddy…no problem.

  4. 賃貸 大阪

    I remember Joost had some commentary about the Dmoz and Shoemoney exstortion thing. Didn’t he loose his Dmoz editor post because he stood up for shoe? I think the thread was at seoMoz. That has to be an award too. ;)

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