2007 shoemoney.com Blog Year In Review


I asked who is the godfather of search?

I started the local group Nebraska People Making Money Online of which there was like zero interest and it has since folded

I tested a little political linkbait here then quickly followed up ONE HOUR LATER with a explanation of the post here. The post got like 100 comments in the first hour alone.

I got served legal papers and had to testify as a expert SEO witness (imagine that) in a court case.

Yahoo Drama- Near the end of January I challenged my friend Andy Beal to a marketing contest to see who could get the most users to their mybloglog community. We had the whole thing approved by Mybloglog CEO Scott Rafer. Then Yahoo purchased the company and one of the first things they did was call Andy Beal a spammer for his marketing tactics in our contest (which was already approved prior) (more in feb)

Google Adsense product manager Brian Axe came on my Net Income Radio show and broke the news they were going to integrate AdSense into Youtube. (pretty big deal)


Yahoo Drama (con’t) I was kind of pissed that Yahoo called out Andy Beal as a spammer from the whole mybloglog thing so I outed a few small exploits Here and here and here then I was banned then dillsmack uncovered that Yahoo had implemented code specifically to track clicks on Google AdSense Ads. Techcrunch linked to the post calling it Yahoo’s trojan horse.
. Soon after mybloglog apologized and unbanned me. I accepted and we made up. I later met up with Eric and Scott from mybloglog at the techcrunch conference and they seemed to be pretty cool dudes.

I showed one of my tricks to increase Adwords CTR

I said Jason Calacanis plays SEO people like a fiddle

I wrote a script to make my webmaster marketplace that has all the listings from forums in one place.

The lisa fasion line was introduced.

This blog made digg front page 3 days in a row 1 2 3 4 (id like to see someone beat that record) in response to neil patel telling me his record was 3 days in a row.

I added top commenter’s in the sidebar. It took a bit to develop a plugin that implemented a algorithm to keep spammers out but I think its worked out pretty well.

I wrote a great post about reoccurring subscriptions and things to think about before implementing them.

After receiving many questions I wrote a post about how the shoemoney blog came to be

I asked Do you trust your affiliate company? 60% of you said you do not. (760 total votes)


Me and Dillsmack in parnership with Media Whiz launched a new company called AuctionAds

I made a post about When To Make A Landing Page

I wrote a pretty popular post about 5 ways to make passive income on your website

I said that traditional affiliates had nothing to fear from googles new cpa model (and looks like I was right on)

I made my first Free Shirt Friday post…. and started a new phenomena!


I pulled my April Fools day joke… worked pretty good

I lost my cell phone while at NYC search engine strategies (SUCKED)

Searchfeed pissed me off

I answered a question Why would you want to be a Guru? and asked friends for help

I had a adtech boothbabe contest which started a mini shit storm.

I did a interview in my underwear about blogging ethics.


I wrote a really personal post titled “the pursuit of happyness”

I started using feedburner

I did a video about AdSense arbitrage which still rings true.

I wrote a post about Pay Per Click targeting tools

Wrote a post about knowing your goals.

After several interviews a few actually linked to me about the whole adsense arbitrage deal

I wrote a post about knowing your faults in which I talk about things I am not good at.

I talked about my favorite external auditing tools

I gave my thoughts on full disclosure and blogging which prompted me to write this disclaimer

Microsoft Adcenter came on my radio show.


I made the shoemoney shirt store and provided a place where people could purchase shirts. To my surprise we have sold over 1,000 shirts to date.

I debated Rand Fiskin on my radio show about blogging disclosure.

I wrote a post about how to fire someone in which I talked about all my experiences being fired and how I could have benefited more.

AuctionAds won eBay developers award for 2007. Me and David did a video right after being presented the award here.

I wrote about the value of speaking at conferences and also got good input from authority in the industry


I wrote one of my favorite posts called Freedom or Security which kind of asks the question what are you after?

I wrote a post about movies that motivate me

I was in business weeks article about the top money making blogs on the internet

I wrote a post called Books that motivate me

3 months and 22 days after it started. AuctionAds was acquired by Media Whiz for a undisclosed amount.

I made a video about getting rich over night making money online.


I was in Minneapolis when the i-35 bridge collapsed.

I talked about making quick cash from offline arbitrage

David Wilkinson wrote a great article about affiliate link cloaking

I wrote a post about airport bathrooms which made the digg front page and took down my server =P

David Dellanave answered a ton of questions that users asked

A guy did a shoemoney tattoo on his arm

The most linked post of 2007 (1600+ links) on dmoz extortion

I wrote about the worlds oldest affiliate program


I wrote a post asking are you selling your search data for pennies

I unveiled the new shoemoney.com design

I wrote a post about how I use caching

I did a post about the evolution of my office from 2002 to present (most visited blogpost on shoemoney.com in 2007)

Showed how to make money on a small budget

The famous Rebecca Kelly takes questions (and answers them) from shoemoney readers

I did a review of a website in which he got a 40,000 return shoemoney effect = RAWR

I did some comparisons of Fark vs stumbleupon then digg vs stumbleupon


Neil Patel did a guest post about how to get rich as an SEO

I made a video titled “Don’t Make Google Look Stupid” which seemed to make sense to a lot of people.

I caught ultra dns in some BS

Rkelley wrote a great post about fake it till you make it

I wrote a post about how there is no bad press

In mid month we launched a site called below a buck which featured all items on ebay below 1$ and less then 1 hour left. To date it has only made about $15,000.00

Google dropped the Google Pagerank Nuke

I did a post showing current issues with affiliate cookies and suggestions for improving the industry

Rkelley wrote a guest post about Yuwie calling them out! Thats the shoemoney spirit!


I wrote a post on the history of the 132k AdSense Check

I explained 10 reasons I delete your email

I pic flexed with one of the bloggy style girls and uploaded the video to youtube. It has over 95,000 views lol

I did a video interview while at Las Vegas Blogworld about “Smart ways to monetize your blog

I gave my conference travel tips Which was followed up nicely by rkelley

I did a post comparing traffic from mybloglog, bumpzee sphinn and scratchback

I had prk laser eye surgery

I wrote a post on things internet marketers can learn from the pickup artist

I wrote a post about books that have changed my business thinking

Rkelley compares pubcon to the Kumite


I partied with the founders of icanhascheezeburger

Crossed the 1000 post mark

I got banned from the Yahoo Affiliate program

And thats it 😉 I cant believe I went through a full years posts ! Here is to a good 2008!