What is your edge?


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  1. Alan Johnson

    Come on Jeremy, there is no need to try to minimalize the value this particular blog adds to the Web, people are obviously interested in the opinion of someone raking in over $1m on a monthly basis from affiliate marketing, that’s just pure common sense :)

    And sure, while the income generated by the blog in itself may only represent a fraction of what you earn through your other ventures, I’d say that the brand you’ve created for yourself has definitely helped reach your current status and that it has also helped you meet a lot of people you have had a thing or two to learn from, wouldn’t you agree?

    Alan Johnson

  2. CPA Affiliates

    It is a good point the thing also to remember is SOME not many people really blog just to blog to get the word out on what they are doing. But either way if you want to gain eyes u do have to have some kind of edge….

  3. Your World Gallery

    Yep its your no bullshit out look that brings me here. I hate smoke blowers!!!! Cool shirt btw, and when I look at your bug check you talked about I just wander “how the hell did he do that” not wow or this guy knows something.

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  5. SonicReducer

    My edge is that I post my own content and tips, straight from the trenches of affiliate marketing. Not stuff I find on the internet, or the latest site or service. Seems like most of the blogs just pass the same topics around, so if you are original it stands out.

  6. Warner Carter

    Edge is similar to USP (Unique Selling Propsition), but the way you put it seems a little more toward personality or style mixed with interesting informaton. Good point.

  7. mubin

    I think you sell yourself short a bit there shoe. I mean you have predicted alot of the stuff that has happened in the industry and broke alot of the news that has happened.

    Pamcakes rox btw, when is she coming back.

    And thank you for suggesting to this new seo girl to do some video blogging. Get her to do it topless and she could be known as the topless blogger. It would make millions.

  8. Tyler Dewitt


    You are too funny, but anyways you should put music on the beginning of your videos don’t take me wrong it looks great, but music would pimp it out I’m surprised you guys don’t have some type of music to go along with your blog yet.

  9. Iantrepreneur

    that is true competitive edge – I mean 3k blogs on make money online and shoe is tied into them – which his blog is mostly not about making money online, like shoe says it is what is happening now and has his attention

    in others words jeremy means “I hate doing this shit”
    -> his T shirt! lol
    great vid jeremy

  10. Elite By Design

    Beautiful video. I think that you are 100% correct – with so many new blogs being pumped out every day, it’s becoming harder and harder to beat off the competition. Really people have to find what is unique to them and why they are different or better than who they are competing against.

  11. Russell Rockefeller

    Hi Jeremy,
    People have really type cast you as the ultimate blog arbitrager/monetizer and I think it is for valid reason. It’s a really wonderful thing actually, and your obviously very talented & intelligent. Your a natural leader. I also blog and it accounts for less than 1% of our revenue. I would be lying if I told you I don’t do it for the money. If you are measuring direct revenue that’s one thing.. but you cannot put a price tag on industry recognition and the business and opportunities that such recognition can generate.

  12. Alojate

    good video, but the audio is very low. I can harly hear it.

    one quote from the seobook concerning this is: “think about your site, and what would make your users come to it daily”. That’s the edge

  13. Bohol

    It’s about finding a niche. Standing out in the crowd also means persistence, not just doing something for money, but something that you really love to do, and being good at it.

  14. TheMobiBlog

    I just sat here watchin this feed.. God!

    Blogs its like you said a nice diary. As you can tell by my heat trail. I visit you often. Not to learn shit!

    As a way to read comments of folks who really think your J.. The shit is funny..

    I also get to go wild on your ringtone topics which btw your posts on that subject are almost done as the Spammers have fucked that revenue opp totally up..

    That girl you mentioned is better off not starting a blog with the intention of making money.. If its rent shes gotta pay there is more money in theaching the blind to read brail btw you look like Mr Limpet without your glasses.. Id like to get rid of mine .. Im too old and wont heal as good..

    That video to me said that nobody knows what you really do, except only the choice few of us.. stop by say hi $$$$$$

    Pulp Fiction.. You are the Weak and I am the Tyranny of Evil Men… or however the F you spell it!

    Peace Rock Star

  15. Bubblynn

    I am not sure why it took me so long to get this, But I love your honest advice and look forward to seeing what a cute smart girl in this business can do πŸ˜‰

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  18. Angad Sodhi

    What I feel is your edge is:
    1. that you have a really efficient website.
    2. a logo that people relate to.
    3. the really cute bald Jeremy cartoon next to the title of every post!! πŸ˜‰

    but what really works is that you are bold enough to put up your own pics in your favour. Most people (including me) are too conscious to put up their pics on the net. Even John Chow doesn’t do that!

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