Americans are Fat and Lazy

I was in a cab, in Vegas, a few weeks ago talking to a cab driver from Nigera who had only been in the United States a few Months. I asked him how he liked living in the USA and he said he loved it! He said he made more money in 1 day then he was making in 1 month back in Nigeria. He rambled on for a while and then said, “you know why its possible for me to come to America and make so much money? Because Americans are fat and lazy.”

I thought that was pretty aggressive and I took offense to it. Who does this dude think he is? He just got off the boat… is making a good living… and now tells me that me and my countrymen are fat and lazy? Well I tried to put up a good argument but he kept pulling the card about how he makes good money working 16 hours a day but most American’s “prefer to be on welfare living the easy life”. It was really hard to debate this guy… He was just talking nonsense plus he was very difficult to understand with his accent. I know quite a bit about Nigerian people. My wife J volunteered for over a year after she graduated medical school practicing medicine in the bush of Nigeria. She has some crazy stories… anyway… A.D.D moment

So it was only like a 5 min cab ride but it really got in my mind a bit. Maybe it bothered me so much because I used to be a very fat and lazy American content to just work 9-5 @ a job that required hardly any mental or physical ability and made just enough money to pay the bills.

I remember about 3 years ago at the Berkshire Hathaway stockholders meeting Warren Buffett talked about how Americans have been so rich for so long and how its like we have this huge amount of land but everyday our land is eroding and we are not watching… One day we will wake up and find we have no more land when we look out our back door.

Alright… so… OK I give you that compared to other countries we are getting out labored. We probably have been for a long time. I think that became aparent when the Japanese started taking over the US industry in the mid-late 80’s but then came the big tech boom and we started rocking it. We had the economy so really if you were just smart and had a great idea you had a audience that could afford your product.

So where are we at now? Well I am not ready to say that Americans are fat and lazy but I think our future generations are in real trouble. It has been a long time since this country has had such a poor economy and while people would like to believe its our politicians I would offer that its more that the world has changed and Americans have lost the economic advantages that came from just being born in the USA.

The internet is an amazing thing. It allows anyone anywhere in the world to start a business. AND they have the world economy at their fingertips…. no longer does someone in a 3rd world country have to pray someday they can make it to a country where they can sell their idea or wares but they can compete from their home. America is in trouble.

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