What Started The Downfall of Digg

I read about Digg being shopped around on TechCrunch yesterday for 300M. If my math is remotely correct $300mill = $77/registered user?

I was kind of surprised then I thought to myself damn its been a long time since I visited or cared about Digg. It used to be when I was researching something the first place I would hit is digg. I could find credible sources to quote in a few minutes.

For me Google’s new date parameter mixed with its minty fresh indexing has probably made the difference for me. I can now easily find a relevant source very fast for the current event I am writing about.

So others have said it was Digg’s signing a big money deal with Microsoft.

From Chris Winfield’s site :

This follows Digg’s decision to add a Microsoft category to the site back in February. I was always wondering why there was no Google one added as well considering the amount of Google stories on the site…

Usa today article titled “Digg fires Google, Hires Microsoft” – also a quote in there from the “pimp of pr” Chris Winfield. The article seemed to imply that Digg users were so anti Microsoft (pro apple, google, linux) that they were very turned off to find they were about to line Microsoft’s pockets.

Another thing for me specifically was how much Digg has caved to stupid user requests… like adding video and images. Although images are newer. It really changes the dynamic of the site and now there is so much junk that makes it to the front page… its like… i dunno and also it seems easier for spammers now more then ever to game digg. Maybe its just because all the good SEO spammers stopped carrying?

One time Neil Patel told me he made digg front pages for 3 days in a row so I had to show him who was boss and do it 4 days in a row… since then I really stopped caring. Digg traffic sucks so bad its such a waste of resources (although it will jack up your Alexa rank and impression stats if you need that).

So now that traffic has drastically decreased on Digg and the founders are bailing out… what do you think the downfall of Digg will be chalked up to?

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