Smart Ways To Monetize Your Blog – BlogWorld Presentation

This was my presentation on smart ways to monetize your blog that I gave at blogworld. Thanks to Ben from for sending me the link!

This was a awkward presentation for me… 2 of the people that were supposed to be on the panel didn’t show, 1 new person was added at the very last minute (so only 1 other person then me showed that I knew what they were going to talk about). I had to regroup and wing a lot of it. And the microphone didn’t work unless I held it (which is why it sounds like crap).

The presentation is edited a bit there was a few things I said during the thing I asked to be edited out πŸ˜‰ lol… but for the most part everything is there.

I hope I did a good job explaining why I think Affiliates and Direct advertising are the best ways to go for bloggers. Those were my areas to cover ;).

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