Smart Ways To Monetize Your Blog – BlogWorld Presentation

by Jeremy Schoemaker on December 16, 2007 · 55 comments

This was my presentation on smart ways to monetize your blog that I gave at blogworld. Thanks to Ben from for sending me the link!

This was a awkward presentation for me… 2 of the people that were supposed to be on the panel didn’t show, 1 new person was added at the very last minute (so only 1 other person then me showed that I knew what they were going to talk about). I had to regroup and wing a lot of it. And the microphone didn’t work unless I held it (which is why it sounds like crap).

The presentation is edited a bit there was a few things I said during the thing I asked to be edited out ;) lol… but for the most part everything is there.

I hope I did a good job explaining why I think Affiliates and Direct advertising are the best ways to go for bloggers. Those were my areas to cover ;).

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1 Aaron

Sometimes people forget the simple things! Thanks for reminding us!

2 Nicholas James

They sure do thats why this was a nice post!

3 Nicholas James

A couple of good points in here as well, some to refresh the mind…others to help bloggers who didnt think of this at all ;)

4 Gary R. Hess

Great post. Once the Ad Review center comes we will have a little more control over ads displayed (at least ads targeted) on AdSense, but you are definitely right about that.

5 Zac Johnson

This was a great presentation and I enjoyed experiencing it first hand!

6 Affiliate Marketing Podcast

Great video – this is the type of content I really like to learn from – reading about this kind of stuff is always so dull.

~ Dave

7 John Motson

Lol Jeremy,

Isn’t this the second time you held a presentation and the other panelists didn’t turn up.

You gotta sort it out, smack some people to make them turn up next time :).

By the way, did you get a chance to take a look at my email?



8 Nicholas James

Next time…he should pwn them by stating the names of the people who didnt show :)

9 sir jorge

not too bad, interesting even.

10 Web Cosmo

You can control the Google ads limited way. I liked the affiliated suggestion.

11 TechnologySlice

Interesting presentation. Most bloggers don’t even think of some of the options you discussed.

12 Matt

Very impressive single day earnings! Our best has been ~$1K. Thanks for the tip on quality aff click throughs regarding banners vs text links. Excellent point.

13 Affiliate Marketing Podcast

Some public shaming is always great. :D
~ Dave

14 David

Nice tips, thx for sharing.

15 Jodie

yeh there is nothing like going back to the basics!

16 Scorpiono

What’s with the eye glasses Shoe, how’s the operation going? :-S

17 45n5

came across smooth i think. I wouldn’t have known there were issues if you didn’t mention them in this post

18 賃貸 おおさか

The quality is not bad at all. Good points about AdSense.

19 Small Business Marketing

Thanks for sharing this experience with us. I picked up a few key points that I can use immediately.

20 Fat Man

boring yet informative. thx.

21 Koka Sexton

These conventions are so informative and the people you get to network with is so worth it.

22 Contest Beat

Dudes just not showing up? Is that normal?

23 Collin

You know what Shoe, I would pay big bucks just to sit down with your over dinner and a few drinks just so I could pick your brain. Your never on camera enough or at least I can’t find it.

24 Bathroom Hero

interesting & simple tips. good presentation shoe!

25 Affiliate Unleashed

I think you put it well. Adsense is like the lazy mans monetization strategy.

26 Audio Monetized

Maybe you ought to have a series of videos. Was that the meat of it just over 7 mins? Too many ads like Adsense takes your visitors away from your site. Check out his pay per play advertiser where the visitor doesn’t leave your site or blog.

27 Audio Monetized

Good tips, but longer video next time.

28 VacationGuy

great presentation

29 VacationGuy

i’m the same way I picked up some stuff i can use today

30 Melvin

lengthy….. I hate Adsense for it puts a year into a decade….

31 Affiliate Confession

Yes Adsense sucks, especially since people can target your site without you knowing it. And I hate the fact that you can’t have clicks open in a new window, that just completely sucks. No other major advertiser or affiliate program works that way.

32 Matt

I run a dog site possibly similar to the one you mentioned (different breed, though). What’s the actual site? I’d like to check it out and compare. I do well w/ direct ads, but not affiliate programs for some reason. Maybe i’m not picking the right ones or promoting them right.

33 Hustle Strategy

show off ;) you not going to post the “good stuff”?

34 ShoeMoney

well one was out due to being sick the other was just a no show either way I like them both and I am sure htey had good reasons

35 ShoeMoney

for this conference it seemed to happened a lot… it was the first time it was being run and a lot of the speakers were in the dark about when and where they were supposed to show up. But even with that said it was my favorite conference of the year.

36 SEOMaster

Thanks for this! I am starting work on my blog :)

37 serge

maybe just me, but I could not hear your video.

38 Richard

Interestingly enough, this goes back to the old adage of high quality = very targeted = high conversion rate.

$4200 off of one post in one day. Not bad at all!

39 Affiliate Marketing Podcast

The audio got pretty annoying with the constant buzzing. :(
~ Dave

40 Affiliate Marketing Podcast

I actually thought it was really interesting.
~ Dave

41 Affiliate Marketing Podcast

most people on the internet = lazy man ;)
~ Dave

42 Nicholas James

Adsense sucks for blogs even if they fix the ads that are displayed.

43 jim

Thanks for putting this up

44 Ben

Thanks for posting the video. I think you did a great job speaking. I made my recommendations to Blogworld about making the shoots next year a little more video friendly, including better sound, lighter backdrops, mics for the audience and so forth. I think next year you are going to see a streamlined BlogWorld, with less speakers and more order. Overall it was amazing to have the wealth of new media knowledge in one place. I have the keynotes on our homepage at and will be adding more videos after our launch in January, so everyone can tune in to what went on.
We don’t need old media, let the muther#%$’s Blog, Blog muther#%$’s Blog.

45 Jason

Great Video… very helpful. Definitely inspirational for all bloggers. Blogworld is a client of mine and they definitely did a great job getting you to speak. Thanks.

46 Reverse Funnel System

Many useful informations u shared there. Amazing presentation

47 Webmaster Forum

Thanks for sharing this video :)

48 Nick Sullivan

Nice presentation, a little hard to hear though.

49 The Pupil

Woo hooo!!! Awesome presentation, man.

Thank you for providing that amazing information.

50 Rantitorial

Nice presentation!


Great information and I don’t think Shoemoney could ever include too many videos to share.
Rob West

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