Build A Niche Store – Setup A Storefront In Minutes

Build A Niche

It’s that time of year when people blow their wads on online shopping. It’s also the time of year that affiliates can really bank hardcore… but many lack the skills to build a nice oriented store. I was checking out some of these “instant” storefronts and thought I would give building a niche store a go….

When I first went to the site I wasn’t really that impressed… I also had a hard time finding the purchase button. I did manage to find it though. $97.00 Paypal and a redirect later I was able to download the store files.

So I thought if I am going to do this…I better do it right ;). I registered with godaddy and waited for the dns to take effect… (I tried not to use any of our own resources that any of my readers would not have available). Uploaded the files through FTP and proceeded to follow the step my step instructions.

So I put in the basic database information about my host (username,password,database name) the normal stuff then I am presented with the admin control panel:

Pretty smooth so far… so I go through all the options… first changing my password and username then hitting the settings. I am presented some basic setting options like store name and keywords… category… put in your ebay affiliate id etc..

Obviously I chose some shoe categories.

Then I choose which template I wanted (I went with a 3 column)

Then in the ads section you can put in advertising code… you can put in pretty much anything you want.. Adsense or whatever… In my case I put in Zappos affiliate banners (Zappos is by far the best for shoes).

The ONLY thing I custom edited was the header. I had an old image a friend of mine made that I just added the words Shoemoney shoe store to.

Literally 10 minutes start to finish I have a great looking working storefront on Shoemoney Shoe Store

This is of course showing live items on eBay and also advertisements from zappos for shoes. 2 of the best paying affiliate programs on the market.

Build A Niche store is some really SWEET software. If you are looking at firing up a niche store I highly recommend it. I did not need it but they have a very busy support forum with people available 24/7 to answer any questions or just to talk about how stuff works.

They also have a really nice affiliate program which pays out $44 per sale (%50) commission.

I think this software is pretty amazing for as cheap as it is…. even for those who do know what they are doing there is some great code in there you can learn a lot from (if you are thinking about doing your own thing).