Can I Learn from ‘The Gurus’ Selling their Secrets?

Interesting question was posted by user ceear in the shoemoney forums:

Hi shoemoney,
Nowadays we can see that every so called millionaires/jerks/winners are selling their secret money making projects for $10 – $2000. I am a beginner, can you point me to a right start?
Thanx in advance.

I think this is a great question… and I can really only answer from my own experiences. I have purchased many ebooks over the last 4 years… nothing over like $150. All of them were well worth their value. Even if I did not agree with what their views on things they got my wheels turning why I did’nt and that gave me direction. The most value I get out of these ebooks is really the tools they use. I cant tell you how many tools I never knew existed (mostly for free) from some of the ebooks.

Recently I made a post about Google Docs and happen to mention I was working on the ShoeMoney Playbook

From Tyler Dewitt:

Are you going to hint around on how to do stuff? Get my drift…. such as hinting around on how you’ve been so much money I think you should and any one that catches on has the mind for it, but any one that doesn’t catch on apparently is not putting enough effort into it.

That question really bothered me… Like most misconceptions about me or any of our businesses =(. The shoemoney playbook is just the process we go through in building a online/offline business. I have been trying to make money with my own businesses for over 15 years (10 online) and in those 15 years I have only found success in the last 4 years. Each time I failed I added something new I needed to think about that is incorporated into the shoemoney playbook. Its a guide we follow and I feel is a pretty unique in that it gives you everything you need to think about from the very conception phase to the end when you need to put managementi n place (and realizing when you need to move steps). So is it a get rich over night book? Absolutely not. Will it improve your chance for building a successful business? Absolutely.

Some ebooks I HIGHLY recommend :

Aaron Walls SEO BOOK – First of all Aaron offers a money back guarantee. 2nd of all this is THE SEO book. He updates it all the time.

Eric G’s – Make Easy Money With Google Adsense – one of the real gems and sleepers. I have purchased over 50 copies of this book which I gave away to friends and family. I also sent out copies as prizes on the radio show. Its a excellent guide from very basic how to get started to some pretty cool more advanced tools… and its really inexpensive ($16.00 USD) (although not really a ebook).

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