Photrade – Make Money From Your Photos

PhotradePhotrade is a really sweet new service in beta I discovered at Blogworld. Its a free place to host your images BUT it makes you money. Its kind of like flikr meets mugshots meets cafepress…… and a lot more. I asked Krista Neher who was at their booth to summarize Photrade:

So thats pretty cool huh? Basically you just upload your photos (there java uploader kicks butt):

Then once your photos are uploaded you can easily share them:

Once you share them you can choose where to place the ad on your photo (if you want to do that)

Then this is what it looks like:

SO just to review:

  1. You upload and host your photos on photrade
  2. You get paid a cpm on how many views your photos have (if they are on forums or wherever you still get paid!)
  3. Someone clicks on your photo comes to photrade and clicks on a ad (like Google Adsense) you get a revshare of that.
  4. Someone buys your photo (which you set the price on).
  5. Someone buys a shirt or other merchandise right from the site you get paid!

Now currently photrade is in closed beta but I happened to score a couple hundred invites! If you would like a invite to try this service leave a comment saying so and I will send you one (until they are gone).

I am out of invites ๐Ÿ˜‰