My Blogging Advice To Connect With Your Readers

First of all if you are reading this site for blogging advice you are at the wrong place. problogger is hands down THE blogger and has the best advice and reads.

Ok so coming off of Blogworld still feeling the BloggerBUZZ. I guess now I am a blogger? Ya OK I can admit it. So here is my blogging advice to connect with readers.

Don’t try to be something you are not

If you want people to take you seriously just be yourself. I see many people trying to be something they are not and… well its just annoying. Maybe its just me that is turned off by it? I dunno I guess it works for some people. For me it doesn’t work because I am always at conferences hanging with people. I am not a speaker who comes just before he speaks and leaves right after. If I am not doing a interview or meeting I am always in the expo hall hanging out meeting people and companies.

Celebrate your weaknesses

If you really want to relate to people then celebrate your weaknesses with them along with your successes. I have big adsense checks and stuff on this site but the thing I get the most email and comments about at conferences is about how I used to be fat. I have also been able to council a lot of people about the procedures and what its like before and after. Other weaknesses I have written about is the numerous times I have been fired, My top 10 worst ideas to make money online (new update coming) and even recently I talked about how I got stuck in the womens room rest room before I had to speak at blogworld. I guess my point is you need to show your readers that you are just a regular person with successes and failures.

Learn to take criticism

One of the first things you will realize as your blog becomes more successful is that everyone will not agree with you all the time. I love this because guess what? It means people have a brain and are forming there own opinions and not just blindly agreeing with anything I say. I REALLY enjoy debating probably one of my favorite radio shows I ever did was when I debated Rand Fishkin about disclosure. Personally I like rand a lot. Business wise we are on seperate sides of the fence on many issues. We still respect each other and send each other business.