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I just got back from Blogworld (much more on that soon) and wanted to put up this weeks SEM recap :)

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31 thoughts on “Understanding Communities & More

  1. Conversionable

    I like her comment about Social media being work. This is very well said.
    While the spammy approach might be good for short term gain eventually it will catch up.

  2. bmunch

    I quote you Pam:
    “It’s actually work. Social media isn’t the quick fix everyone think it is.”

    I just find that out not too long ago. You can’t just submit here or there and expect everyone to digg and stumbled you.

  3. Steven Finch

    Yeh, I think you should setup your own blog. But really I think you should be doing something similar to webbalert.com. If you are interesting something like this, please get in touch with me.

  4. Rock

    Thanks for another quality report Pam. I completely agree on the social media points. I started off looking for the quick fix, and found out that it just isn’t the case. Become a valuable asset to the community is better and will result in long term gains from social media.

  5. Tom

    Very nice job this week Pam! It looks like you are getting more comfortable w/ the camera and your approach was a lot warmer and more inviting than before.

  6. Pam

    I like totally would but it was like sooo hard. So I thought I’d try this marketing thing instead cuz’ it’s way easier!

  7. Neon

    those pirated movies usually dont last long in youtube anyway.
    at least with the 1 GB limit you can upload better quality video.

  8. Neon

    this is because hard disk is getting cheaper and larger.
    better technology, better architecture, better planning, better marketing.

  9. Interwebhunt

    Storage space is a non existant factor now with the price of hard drives coming in so low. Hosting companies will promise 5gigs and up on standard packages without blinking an eye now. Which in the long run I think should be a good thing because it will allow them hopefully to focus on more customer service interaction.

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  11. FactandFable

    That’s a positive step forward at YouTube. As the owner of a video production company, I really hope they continue to work on maintaining the video quality of uploaded material.

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