Dick Masterson & Dr Phil Follow up


Since most of you said you would rather buy him a drink then punch him in the face I thought I would post the video from Dr. Phil’s show that was on Google Video. I wonder how much this will BLOW UP his website menarebetterthanwomen.com

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  1. Hustle Strategy

    Dr. Phil with the one liners. Sure the site will get some visits… Great promotion. Not sure if it will blow up long term… Might get some new RSS feeds for a while. Gotta follow up on the follow up after Monday’s show.

  2. JoeTech.com

    He has some interesting viewpoints and makes you speak in a way that you want to agree with some of it. Dr. Phil ripped him up, but check out his traffic jump from being on the show. “If you hit the treadmill you’d be at the front of the line”… OUCH

  3. JoeTech.com

    The more I think about it, the more I dislike Dick. He has valid points about SOME women, but I think he’s probably been jaded by a divorce or some similarly painful experience with an ex and is lashing out at all women because of it. Sure, it’s good for web traffic, but it’s not a good image.

  4. Michael Woo

    |Lol this is a pretty controversial video :) I guess that this stuff sells especially well πŸ˜€

    What do you think about sex and blogging? Is it controversial?

  5. Rock

    wow, he has got some balls to say some of the stuff he says. I give him credit for that. I couldn’t create that much controversy and sleep well at night.

  6. Webwork

    The trick with satire is to maintain the edge without going over it. The treadmill comment wasn’t great material. Insult isn’t satire. Satire takes brains. I think this Dick has a bigger brain than most Dicks. ;-P So, stay on message Dick. Don’t feel pushed to speak just to fill the silence, because that might lead to more insults and that’s not your shining moment. Any jerk can do insults. Work the (over the top) scowl/raised eyebrows/etc. when the (funny/satiric/hyperbolic/analogy/etc) words don’t pop right up and let your facial expressions do the work whilst leaving them wondering. Play to the camera if you’re going to use this angle. You could ride this one to your own TV show as the Archie Bunker of this generation. ;-P

    Dicks with Big Brains Rule! ;-P

  7. VaBeachKevin

    Exactly. THis guy has a good schtick going, but if he gets too far into the insult end of things it may start to come off as more of a hurtful hatred type of thing rather thatn his gimmick.

  8. A. Nony Mouse

    I have the .org version of that domain parked – it sure got a lot of hits that day… not many clicks tho.

  9. tom

    if it’s any indication as to his success from being on the show. “Dick Masterson” has been googled 295 times w/ in the past 3 days. Doesn’t seem like too much of a traffic bump.

  10. Omar Yesid MariΓ±o

    The “menarebetterthanwomen.com” guy thinks he is very irreverent, hahahah… in fact, he is another idiot who is victim of the system in which we live and he reacts in this way in order to seem “different”. He reacts in the same way as adolescents.

  11. Sara

    I think VaBeachKevin is right on – the schtick is borderline mean. “Dick” is apparently somewhat web saavy – he also bought womenarebetterthanmen.com and redirected it to his site. Apparently he’s not open to debate. =)


  12. Angela

    I saw this yesterday and I’m wondering why he is on Dr.Phil. He seems pretty happy being a chauvinist, and the Dr. Phil house is all trying to get people to change. I wonder if he’ll write an apology to women once he gets out of the house – yea right.

  13. JoeTech.com

    I think you articulated what I was thinking much better than I did above. He’s got a good buzz-strategy in place, but the insult was just cruel and counter-productive.

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  15. Eddie

    There’s no way that’s Dax, didn’t you hear Dr Phil? He said he knows he isn’t an actor and Dr Phil can’t be wrong. He’s a Doctor.

  16. Bulbboy

    Never seen Dr Phil before. That guy Dick seems to love himself.

    “It’s all in the moustache!”

    I’ll bet he even believes that people would pay to have a moustache like that.

  17. rcjordan

    >>So is that Dax or not?<<

    Let’s just say that Dr. Phil’s vetting of program invitees is, well, *cough* less than stellar.

  18. John M Weaver

    Joe Tech makes a great point here about his traffic. So did you Shoe. I’m sure this is how he feels (well maybe), but seriously what a way to get publicity. Sure it is more negative than anything, but he is doing his part to get thousands of people to his site to read what he has to say…The people that hate him are doing exactly what he wants…BLOGING ABOUT HIM! :(

  19. Derek

    What I wanted to know was, how long would it take before he ended up banging the man-hater he was rooming with πŸ˜€ (or for that matter, any of the others in the house)

  20. joe

    Jeremy, I read your post about the time you were fat and how you were bullied etc’ as a result.
    Very disappointed to see that despite what you went through growing up you endorse bullies.
    He actually made fun of that woman because of her weight which I would think is something you would find offensive.

  21. Copy paste SEO

    This guy has some good site bait going, it’ll be interesting to see what happens in the Dr. Phil house, that place is supposed to be all about ‘change’ and it’s fairly obvious he doesn’t want to change

    On the other hand, maybe he will apologies and then write a book about accepting women and how they are a valid part of the community. Dr Phil viewers would lap that stuff up and he’d sell a bunch of copies.

    That would be one of the best bait and switches ever.

  22. Joe

    This guy is an idiot and Dr. Phil might be a bigger idiot for taking this stunt seriously. This guy dax just seems like a big gigantic tool that does things just to get attention and have a story to tell. I think the SEO bloggers probably think this is a riot, but in reality it’s pretty stupid….the guy just threw out some one-liners about women and made himself look like a dipshit.

  23. serge

    okay, so, he’s got an opinion… its his. He has nothing new to say, its all been said before, he is just putting everthing together that has been said before. Hmm, he’s real, he’s a real copy cat.

  24. joe

    you seem to be a big fan of his. I also recall a photo of you wearing a stache on a previous post here. hmmmmm

  25. Mortalent Harmonoize

    What are things coming to?
    And what’s next… Fuckin’ Oprah – fuckin’ top blogger?

  26. Im a Booth Babe

    I’m not mad at Dax Dick at all about it. Dr. Phil brings people on his show all the time and makes money off them and Oprah takes her cut off of that to( She Gets Money). So for Dick to use a watch and highly ranked show, the Dr. Phil website, the millions of people talking about him and the 11,000+ backlinks to his site to sell his book and to push multiple sites. That pretty damn good marketing!

  27. Donkey

    ‘dumbass dr phil’ makes more money in one year (85 million) than dax and boser will make during their entire lifetimes. and no matter how cheezy dr phil is, can’t be as cheezy as dax’s “books”.

    dax is to be applauded for his guerilla marketing prowess, but there are plenty of ways to get rich without looking such a f*cking idiot, and using such a disgusting premise.

    shame on you shoe for endorsing this f*ckwad. grow up.

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  29. Gecko Tales

    His show started off with good advice and somewhere along the way turned into trash. What a waste of a degree…
    Of course he’s raking in the cash playing to the trash

  30. Neon

    controversial sites always have a chance to get lots of traffic. but not everyone is interested to setup such site, you will not know when a rotten egg thrown at your window.

  31. SEO Bozo Box

    A lot of you people in here really don’t know dick!

    I think his site is in need of a mantastic glossary.

  32. Neon

    the woman is attacking dick so i guess he want to counter-attack her.
    though it is not nice, but it could be normal for him.

  33. HiredGuns

    Come on people. This is comedic & intellecutal gold. People who understand the stunt have got to acknowledge the brilliance of this.

    The “man” is utilizing some creative marketing skills, WAY different than anything done before.

    Think acting in the 21st century. The opposite realm of the Chris Crocker stunt.

    Anybody still remember chris crocker? exactly…. he did his routine from web to get into offline media, had his 15 mins of fame…and disappeared off the face of the planet…Which is short sided, and had no long term market value…….

    The “man”, reversed it. He got into offline media (which is a brilliant move) to promote an online following. Far more value in the long run. He can monetize his Alpha male demographic, 18-35 male audience. Create a brand with his nifty shirts, monetize the shit out of them with whatever he comes up with, AND have some fun.

    Controversy sells.

    This is exactly the stuff that i respect and i’m sure this is only the beginning.

    Welcome to the 21st century cross media, reality marketing field.


  34. the other joe

    I am a fan of his. Idiots should read between the lines before they make assumptions. The guy is 6′ 2″ and Phil’s cult all too quickly(and ignorantly) reacted to Dr. Phil’s stupid comment about Dick’s height.

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