Smart Ways To Monetize Your Blog

Blogworld ExpoI am leaving soon for the Blogworld Expo in Las Vegas. I love going to new conferences that I have never been to before. Plus this is the first every Blogworld Expo so even that much better. Its just always good to branch out more.

On Thursday @ 10:15-11:45 I will be speaking with Brian Clark, and Assaf Henkin from Kontera on “Smart Ways to Monetize Your Blog”.

This is the most excited I have been to give a presentation for a longtime. I have always been known as “The AdSense guy” but AdSense has accounted for less then 5% of the incoming revenue to our company(s). While I have had a lot of success years ago with Google AdSense I think I am far better qualified to speak on other ways to monetize.
So what will I be talking about? My portion of the talk will be on how to monetize you blog using direct ad sales (how to price them, how to start) and affiliate income from blogs. In October did just under $30,000.00. About 50% direct ad sales, 30% from affiliate, and the remaining from other sources. I plan on showing a few things I think people might be surprised about including a post on that generated over $4,000.00 in 1 day from an affiliate program that I have never disclosed before and nobody has ever even guessed.

Tell you what… if you want to take a guess at which single post on made over $4,000.00 in one day the first person to guess correctly wins $50.00 paypal. You have until the end of today. Just post guess urls in comments. I will give you a hint and tell you it was an affiliate program.

You can see the full schedule here (yes my name is spelled wrong). Unless they got someone named Jeremy Shoemaker to speak on it….

edit: comments closed, winner will be announced on monday when I get back. Great guesses!