The Adsense Check for $132,994.97

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Google Adsense Check
About once every other day I get a question about the AdSense Check in my Gallery. I originally posted the check in this thread. Its most visited page on (behind the main page course) with 1-2k unique visits per day.

So just going through the 120 emails or so in the last year on the subject I will answer questions-

  • 1) How much of the check was profit?At the time my expenses were 1 server @ 299$ per month for hosting. I would say atleast 130k was profit.
  • 2) How much of the traffic was pay per click?None of it was pay per click. Back then I did not know anything at all about pay per click.
  • 3) Where did all your traffic come from?About 70% of the traffic was direct 15% from search engines and 15% from referrals.
  • 4) How much traffic did the site get to get that much money?About 75k uniq per day.
  • 5) Why did you get a paper check and not wire?Back then Google did not do wire transfers for amounts of $10,000.00
  • 6) Do you think its possible to still earn that kind of revenue? (most often asked question)Yes.
  • 7) How long did it take to make revenue?I never tried to make any money the first 1.5 years it was running. I just concentrated on providing a good service. About 2 years after I started the site It started to do good revenue from AdSense

8) Can you show the full month report from AdSense for that month?


and here is the full month report: (I have permission from Google to display this in my blog and in my presentations. Please check with Google before you disclose any of your reporting)

adsense-august copy

422 thoughts on “The Adsense Check for $132,994.97

      1. Martin

        Yes.. I agree with both of your. I use shoemoney’s adsense check as my pc’s wallpaper. It is a good inspiration for me to work hard with my blog. Thanks a lot.. :)

    1. Neha

      Hey Shoe,

      Been following you for a while now, checking in once and a while and you have progressed! I love that check. I don’t get nearly that amount from adsense though I wish I could!

      I make a few bucks from it now and again but nothing life changing. Cool photo and as others have said, inspirational!


  1. Olgi

    Yes this is one of the most inspiring photos I have ever seen :) Good Luck Jeremy and hope you break the 150k barrier (i have the same challenge but in a lower scale (15k))

  2. Shaun Carter

    It’s pretty impressive that Google lets you share CTR information. That check really is amazing and the fact that it came from one site is unreal. I’m sure now it pales in comparison to what you’re generating online.

  3. Stealth

    That picture of you holding the massive check is one of the weighing factors in my decision to do what I do. Having that picture posted all the time on the site must create a lot of reader loyalty huh?

  4. Alex

    What a beautiful site to look at!!!

    as a follow up to the last Q&A above. I was reading a blog where the guy said he knew of people that were generating $100,000 every couple of days. DO YOU BELIEVE THAT IS POSSIBLE?

  5. Alex


    I went back and read the posts in the DigitalPoint forum. I was rollin’ when some guy asked you why you had not answered his emails and pm’s…… You replied because he was a “stalker”. That was hilarious.

    Also, you say your friend “was” doing 2m per month. Since you used past-tense is he now retired on a island or incarcerated? :)

    Lastly, The fact you are responding to emails at 1 in the morning goes to show that money never sleeps. Thanks for the info you are always willing to share…

  6. Dolphin

    Wow ..congrats! Something to aspire to lol. I’m a relatively new blogger to the scene (about a year old, give or take) but it’s been more of a hobby than anything else. I’ve recently decided to give Adsense a try.

    It must feel like winning the lottery (not that I’d know lol)

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    Wow… Your CPM was great. I was wondering about some of those same questions. I show that check to my wife every time I need a few more minutes in front of the computer to write on my blog or work on a site.

  9. Nathan

    Surely now that you are as much of a celebrity as you are, the site must be doing a whole lot better? As mentioned previously, you have good reader loyalty and i guess when buying things online people need that level of trust – so you must be getting a whole lot more now? :P

  10. $1000 Dollar Project

    Thanks for the insight, its a massive feet of skill to get that sort of earnings, but your buddy who is pulling in 2M WOW! jeez i would love a slice of that action, thats a legendary www photo!

  11. ShoeMoney

    direct traffic = type in or bookmarks, homepages… I know most people dont understand but its free traffic and what happens when you have a service people really want

  12. Sam Nova

    I’m impressed but what I would really like to see is the numbers for last month or so. You do mention it bounces a lot, so is that from 75K to 150K pr month :)
    Man, about setting goals, I’m just waiting for the day I can get the first 100$.

  13. Mr Daz

    Bee Gads, your eCPM and your CTR are lower than mine, that’s just pure traffic netting you that kind of revenue. I need to go on some traffic boosting kick right now. Anyone got several 100K of visitors per day going cheap like?

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  15. David

    Thanks for reply. Thanks for sharing.

    Maybe a subject to give your opinion on – building sites that people want? You can make a few quick bucks with junk, but sustainable income requires a site that people enjoy / need / want?

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  18. Wayne Liew

    Its good to see you explaining all the steps needed to get a such big check from Google.

    I have a question for you as well. Will anyone get banned from Google Adsense make such great money with other ad networks? If possible, what are they?

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  21. Lorenzo


    What change did you make to make your CPC go from 27 cents to $1.44 ?

    The reason you became famous was because of this change if you kept at 27 cents per click you would of only made around 30k that month…please share.

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  23. jim

    Hey Shoe, any idea why your eCPM spiked around 10 days in? It goes from single dollar digits to over $20, any idea why? (if you can remember that far back)

  24. big money

    Shoemoney, I have a question about your direct traffic, how could you get so many type ins, homepages and bookmarks? How long was that site around for? I can’t see how “nextpimp” would just be some really hot random word someone would type-in to their browser lol. How did you originally make “nextpimp” such a hot name and what steps did you do to market that name so you would get direct traffic??? Thanks!

  25. Vingold

    It is this kind of post that keeps you on top. A lot of people here tales of “super-affiliates” making over $100K a month – its almost an urban myth on the internet. Everyone seems to know a friend of a friend. Its like big foot.

    But then you come out and say BAM! Here is a picture of Big Foot. And not only that – but here is how I found Big Foot and he’s out there and you can find him too if you work hard, try a lot of ideas and find something people like.

    Excellent post.

  26. McBilly

    That check really does inspire me a lot. And that 2M per month buddy of yours is also a great story. Still hoping for some of that action. :)

  27. jeanzei

    I’m wondering how long it’ll take me to make $100 :(( horrible i know – but I’m still a rookie. t hanks for all the awesome info as usual!

  28. jennifer

    I have another question for you on this – How long did it take to get to that total?? It seems to have taken me forever to get over the 100.00 mark on my Google adsense account. Now I get it every month but not anything like you get!!

  29. serge

    Thanks for the share. You answered some of the questions that I actually had. I wonder how much you make on that site now though?

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  31. Nick

    I have a few sites that have a CTR of about 3-4% I wish I had half as much traffic as that site.

    Nice to see all the adsense stats.

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  33. Allyn Paul

    dunno what nextpimp is really about because my company blocks that page! It’s a “forbidden URL!!!”
    Thanks, now I’m gonna get fired for trying to look at your success! LOL

  34. rhyan

    that was seems to be a great profit and to think running on a $299 amount of server per month. 75k uniq for sure that would eat a lot of bandwith.

  35. MyGoodFinds

    Wow! I would be happy with $5K per month. Just enough to tell my great aunt to stop bugging me to go find myself a real job to pay me my 401(k) and pension for retirement.
    I just want to work from home and some people don’t get it.

  36. Greg

    Can you shed some light on what happened to make the AdSense EPC go up 6X. For example Aug 5 and Aug 21 have essentially the same Click # stats, yet the clicks were worth 6X more. Do you recall if the adsense ads themselves changed, etc. It appears teh change happened on the 9th Day of the month whatever it was.

    Just really interested in how you increased the EPC to over $1 around the 9th and onward.

  37. big money

    Mister Shoemoney, I made a post in your forum:

    I think this calls for a Shoemoney show featuring Mr. Shoemoney explaining marketing methods for receiving “Direct Traffic”. Explain the same step by step processes, tools and resources you used, we all want to learn about direct traffic marketing, especially what you did for this site. Even if it was a long and complicated process, we still would like to hear it and then study it (at least I would). I think this would make a great show!

  38. mascix

    I believe there was some adwords amount for that check. if is that true can you clear second question ? :)

    I truly follow your blog :D

  39. Jack

    A domain doesnt have to be catchy or generic to get type-in traffic. As Shoe said, it has to have a community and/or just a site people like to go to. I go to almost every day directly. And I don’t use a search engine. I type it in. There are dozens of forums and blogs as well as regular old sites that I type domains in or access bookmarks for on a daily basis. You create a community of people that want to be involved or fresh content that updates and people will kee coming back and will get new traffic and retain visitors.

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  41. Greg

    I agree advertisers bid more, but a 6x jump overnight. It makes me wonder if Google (unknowingly to you) upped the percentage payout, combined with Ad Rate increase. Also, agree with Shoes AdSense tips from the forum…IDC had a $30k/mo Adsense acct get canceled. We had NO back-up account and still do not to this day – we diverted traffic to other monetization.

    Just fascinated by the massive EPC jump while all other stats remain consistent. Wish we had greater visibility into Google.

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  43. Shoemoney, it was really cool of you to share this. Makes me want to go right back to the keyboard and work a heck of a lot harder. Congrats.

  44. Tim

    At long last, the wait is over! How many people have you inspired with that picture? I was going to wallpaper my bathroom with it but…that would have been a little weird. I have had some fun making silly banners in Photoshop with it. If anything, maybe this will inspire people to go out and create a useful site instead of blogging about making money :) Thanks for sharing the love, Shoe!

  45. Keith Cash

    I cannot get enough of seeing this check, It inspires me everyday. Maybe your could make a copy and put on a t-shirt. I think it would sale.


  46. Gary

    First of all, I think it’s time more people started looking at creating better content on blogs such as you mention. I’ve been working hard at developing a great article directory where marketer’s can submit there articles to drive traffic to there sites. It’s nice to see a post with absolute proof adsense is not dead and that there are many of us who generate quite a nice check from Google. Thanks for the motivating picture!

  47. mick

    Someone stated above “ah the good old days”

    think and take heed :)
    The game has changed dramatically..only a few guys trusted in googles pockets now continue untouched IMO

  48. John Loch

    That piccy never gets old.

    Right niche at the right time, thats for sure. :)

    More power to ya Shoe..

    I wouldn’t mind seeing another one of your 10K experiments again.. that would certainly be worth a look :)

  49. John Loch

    Don’t plan on sleeping anytime soon either. He had timing, and a favorable niche playing to his advantage.

    There’s nothing special about his approach. For all intents and purposes, he got lucky.

    There’s a hell of a lot of sites out there that give people what they need. Not all of them make that sort of money.

    For example, he’d be hard pressed to pull 25% of that nowadays if he tried it again on the same site (via AS).

    His 10K experiment is my favorite. I think thats what deserves a closer look because it can be reproduced (unlike his AS check above), I’ll bet he could successfully repeat that experiment – a different niche perhaps, but I’ll bet he could do it. I like it because it has nothing to do with his branding or audience. :)

  50. Edman

    How on earth did you make the RPC go up from $0.25 to $1.5 overnight? Was it just a stroke of luck or did you actually do anything?

  51. Neon

    this is inspiring. that one month money is probably 3 years of working for a normal person. getting 5-figure check is already extremely hard. 6-figure check is totally in my dream.

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  54. pondlife

    I just wanted to be able to say I’d posted a comment on this historical thread ;)
    I know that Shoemoney has said that people are too hung-up on figures and this blog proves that because people just want to stare at this open-jawwed. …myself included! …it’s still inspiring though :)

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  57. ShoeMoney

    I was contacted by Google about the jump but it was more like a “Hello and congratulations on your success. I will be your representative” kind of thing

  58. Vern at Aim for Awesome

    ha! That’s so amazing. Thanks for letting us in on this. I’m laying on my side (after falling down on my back) and typing this… I’m not sure I’m getting up for a while. 75,000 visitors gave you thousands of dollars per day… that’s so amazing. I am struggling for a few dollars per day. Hmm… me thinks something bigger is on order for my site! GREAT POST. Thanks man. Vern

  59. Mark Barba

    You work very hard, you give out amazing tips, and you really know your stuff — and i’ve read before that you hate it when people say you are “lucky”. BUT… Was the success of nextpimp down to any luck at all??

    Is there a post about the history of nextpimp — i’d love to read it! sort of a wikipedia page on “nextpimp”

    Love the blog.

  60. Amit

    May be he blocked some of the MFA’s though it was confusing for me too in the beginning since the income just jumped thrice is a couple days.

  61. Jason was here

    Will you marry me?? haha jk im married allready and dont swing that way…
    but will you at least let me put a rotating full page banner ad on all your sites for free? I have a bunch of sites that could use a bump in traffic……hahahahahaha
    Always love to hear your stories…keep it up….
    So as stands now are you in the million dollar a month bracket yet?

  62. Profit Baron

    Congratulations Shoe. I’ve been following your blog for a while, since noticing you around the digitalpoint forums.

    Very inspiring to fellow other webmasters that money can be earnt online if they work hard.

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  65. joko

    Nggak usah mengharapkan langsung dapet dollar banyak dulu, lha wong dia juga perlu kerja keras juga dan waktu. Yang mau ikutan browsing di bayar dollar, silahkan klik link diatas. Pendaftaran gratis……kok..lumayan dapet tambahan dollar….

  66. piah

    Dear Shoe,
    Please teach me how to achieve that figure. Adopt me as your lovely student. I will always remember you until you die.

  67. Martin

    Congrats, wow i still newbie in adsense, must work hard. would you tell me the secret. hehehehe. Wow i want to be like you get the check hehehe.

  68. Myspace Layouts

    God damn, I thought for sure that was from arbitrage. Thanks for telling a little bit more about how it was made.

    Does the site still make this kind of money or has it gone down? I thought I heard that you sold it recently.

  69. joko s

    Nggak usah terlalu mengharapkan yang besar dulu donk. Kerja keras dan perlu waktu. Yang mau browsing dapet dollar, silahkan klik link di atas. Lumayan buat tambahan….

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  71. scamfreemoneytalks

    Wow! that’s a big one. congratulations. anyway i think i don’t think any blogger would earn that much nowadays. i believe the climate has changed a bit from the 2005 environment. but as long any single blog can generate USD10000 is already a big accomplishment. i hope i could learn a lot from your blog.

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  79. Link Snitch

    Thanks for posting that. Lots of information I have thought about asking for a while, but I have yet to write you. I want our first time to be something special.

    LOL, not like that!

  80. Cory

    Careful what you wish for! LOL I had a site a few years ago that jumped from .04 – .10$ a day in earnings to 3-400$ a day (was a World of Warcraft Mod site during the Beta of the game). Google sent me my 11,204.34$ check.. and now the IRS wants about half :)

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  85. Skruknott

    How is it possible to make as much as 2M per month? That guy must have an insane number of visitors. Even to get 1 out of 100 to click with so many visitors are stunning. Simply wow…

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  89. Josh

    Wow! Very nice. I would be lucky if I got a fraction of that, all I make with my lousy arcade website ( is $10-30 a month. You are very lucky mate. Keep up the good work. I would like to know what is your website name.

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  97. Amigo

    Hi !!
    I have recently joined Adsense. However i dont have much knowledge about this kind of things. i have started it for my interest.
    now after getting into this, i want to go deeper. Please guide me through all the basic knowledge required for it.

    Thank you

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  116. Wendy

    That check is truly an inspiration because it shows what hard work, determination, and sticking to something can bring results. Thanks for sharing it and keep up the good work.

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  122. Clifford

    This is really motivation. WOW, i can not believe this, im only doing $120 a month. I have a long Well Done

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  124. Jeremy

    Why we have the same name Jeremy but different earning? LOL. Teach your newly elected brother on how to make big checks from adsense. Congratulations! Bravo!

  125. Kirk

    This is extremely good ppc, you are making $1.40 per click on over 4000 clicks. Those days are gone but the day where you did 4000 clicks at 25 cents per click is more realistic now.

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  129. tomek

    Interesting. I see the check is from 2005. Now it is 2009. I know the per click has gone down over those years, and most ads are PPC. How are the earnings today. I see this web does not even have AdSense anymore.? I know the guy that runs this content rich one , and from what he told me, he does not make even a tiny tiny fraction of that.

  130. LakshmiNarayana

    This article really encouraged me the will in me to earn money through “google-adsense”! Thanks for providing an article with full of cheque proofs! Thanks a lot!

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  132. nikahsekeri

    Yes.. I agree with both of your. I use shoemoney’s adsense check as my pc’s wallpaper. It is a good inspiration for me to work hard with my blog. Thanks a lot.. :)

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  138. dizi izle

    wooow.. omg.. nice
    That check is truly an inspiration because it shows what hard work, determination, and sticking to something can bring results. Thanks for sharing it and keep up the good work.

  139. derekpm

    Rather interesting. Has few times re-read for this purpose to remember. Thanks for interesting article. Waiting for trackback

  140. Mahesh

    Hello Sir,

    COngratulations on this achievement!

    Pls share your experience with us so that we’ll get few tips to catch such levels in future.

    _ Mahesh (India)

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  145. bilgi

    I found this informative and interesting blog so i think so its very useful and knowledge able.I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article. I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well. In fact your creative writing abilities has inspired me.

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  150. Constantine

    I saw that check before but this is the first time I have seen the full month report. It gives me a lot of faith in adsense and hope for a brighter future.


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  152. mayuresh

    I dont belive because when my google adsence account balance reach 100 doller my account dissabled by google without any reason , if you have any answer about this then please help me , how i can make more doller from adsence.

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  156. aaww130

    Very cool … And with all your life for the better

    We hope one day to pray Mjhodgk part of the wonderful .. Very nice

    I wish you continued success

  157. Lavell

    I loved this article and it was very motivating! I actually recently wrote an article because of your post and added a few of my own tips on making money with adsense.

  158. LiftYourHood

    Hi, how come you’re showing a check dating from 2005? We are in 2011.. You did not receive anymore? That check is your only proof since you opened your web site?

    It look like all of your web site traffic is coming because of that photography of one check, from 2005.

    1. Jeremy Schoemaker Post author

      Hi the check as the last time they issued checks over 10k. They only do wires now.

      The traffic was to a site I owned back in the day called I sold that site in 2009

  159. Girish

    That’s awesome….
    truly inspirational !

    I can’t even imagine doing that. I just get around £60 / month…. But I won’t stop trying :)

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  162. Rob

    Hey Shoe,

    Been following you for a while now, checking in once and a while and you have progressed! I love that check. I don’t get nearly that amount from adsense though I wish I could!

    I make a few bucks from it now and again but nothing life changing. Cool photo and as others have said, inspirational!

    Rob H

  163. WClassifieds

    How much you make now on average per month? has your income risen or fallen due to the income? That should have been answered in the post as well, because I am sure many are curious to hear about that.

  164. WClassifieds

    How much you make now on average per month? has your income risen or fallen due to the economy?

    That should have been answered in the post as well, because I am sure many are curious to hear about that.


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