Digg Spamming Friends, Loving IT Guys, Search Halloween Costumes and More!

by Jeremy Schoemaker on November 3, 2007 · 54 comments

Last week Pam had almost 20,000 views on her “week in SEM” video. Wonder where this one will end up!

This week in SEM Pam talks about:

Site Architecture and link building

Open Social
Love your IT guy, or at least pretend to
Quit spamming me for diggs – R Kelley

Halloween costumes

full disclosure

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– who has written 2895 posts on ShoeMoney.com.

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of the ShoeMoney Blog, Elite Retreat Internet Conference, & the PAR Program. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 Amazon Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. Jeremy currently lives in Lincoln Nebraska with his wife and 2 daughters.

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1 Blog Contests

Those damn internet pervs… :D

2 Domtan

Sexy Internet Marketing is on the increase. Every blog is at it now.

3 JoeTech.com

RE: Digg spam. I can’t believe the nerve of some people who ask for Diggs, etc. It’s one thing to point people to your story and hope that they’ll dig it for you. It’s just rude to act in the manner described in the seomoz article.

4 serge

umm, you didn’t talk about costumes…no biggie, I don’t really like Holloween.
I have never asked anyone to read my blog, or go there to sumbleuponit or digg it, my site is pretty lame anyways.

5 MyZine.com

Domtan say “Sexy Internet Marketing is on the increase”
yeah Domtan, Sex Sell :)

Share Video Audio & photo

6 Jonathan Volk

TBH, I dont really use digg or stumbleupon or any of those. Perhaps later on I will find more uses for them.

7 Tom

stop staring at the cleavage!

8 Neon

Pam is still too stiff and speaks alot without comma in one breath.

9 Mubin

We need to get some more cleavage man!

10 John M Weaver

Finally some nice suggestions about SEO…great tip from Pam about working with your IT guys. SEO and IT/programming go hand in hand. Shoe you need to keep her posting on here…she has some good things to say! Guest blog for me any time!

11 Collin

Who is Pam anyways?

12 Ken Savage

Jeremy is the man but isn’t it nicer to watch Pam.

She reminds me of a younger and cuter Katie Couric.

13 Micky Ward

SEOMOZ’s people

14 John Brace

I was reading Shoe’s summary too quickly and read it as her “week in S&M” instead of her “week in SEM”. Shoe writes she got almost 20,000 views last week of her video, but that video in Youtube is only showing 214 views. Why the discrepancy or is it being viewed a lot elsewhere? What would be useful though is a post about basic video marketing and how to use it to drive traffic to your site (not all of us have a Youtube channel with 10,000+ subscribers).

15 Domtan

Yes of course. Sexy Internet Marketing works. It’s the way to go. If it works, work it. And it works.

16 hoodmonkey

So the youtube eUrl redirects do work?

17 Hustle Strategy

katie couric with a brain…

18 Joe

pam is BORING…and not even that cute either. i don’t really enjoy too many guests posters….r kelley is predicatable and tries to hard to be funny, patel is boring, and pam cakes is rehashed crap in a prettier package.

Shoe, pick it up a notch on doing your own posts.

19 LeadCritic

zzzzzzz, boring. Last time I will view the video. Big loss I know, one measly person out of “20,000″.

20 McBilly

I don’t find anything wrong with people asking for digg votes or reddit. But the nerve of those SEO people in seomoz.org article. That would really piss my tuesday off.

21 jim

hahahahah so true, so true

22 Monitor

Man, Pam is boooring. Smile, laugh, or show any form of facial expression – PLEASE! That might make your video posts watchable.

23 William Profet :: OneJobTwoSalaries.com

Hi Pam, I am sorry, but my ears don’t work as I am looking at you, so I cannot hear what is this movie about! :) You ARE hot! Verrrry hot! ;-)

24 Mubin

1607 view already. Damn feedburner is messed up, lucky this did not happen during the competition eh?

25 Web Hosting Reviews

I couldn’t agree more. All of these guest posters are pretty lame. Pam’s clearly reading this text (and not very well, might I add). It doesn’t feel genuine at all. Patel and Kelley almost never complete the thoughts they start. It’s lazy writing. I enjoy Shoe’s posts and every once in a while a guest post. Most of them are just filler.

26 kaddaw

pretty, big tits, but show some emotion please. Smile, laugh, at least look like you’re interested doing this.

27 Shama Hyder

Good information overall. I enjoy guest posts on shoemoney.

28 Tom

Maybe everyone that joined the incentivized rss feed quit after the contest was over?

29 Mike Seiler

You can tell by reading through the comments which guys can’t get a girl that looks like her. :D

30 Neon

watching the video post is alright. but the report is a little boring. i know she is not a professional news reporter or such. maybe be casual and relax, speak informally, include more smiles. that will be great.

31 mariam

Sheesh, you guys are harsh. I thought she improved a lot from last week. Heck, my local news anchors read too; she’s reporting what do you expect?

I dunno, the comments on her looks are uncalled for, but then again, that is the business…

32 blogstheme.com

I enjoyed shoe’s videos but I didnt have the time to spend watching an entire video, not Pam got my full attention, and I enjoyed watching her talking about SEM.

33 John M Weaver

Pam’s video may seem a little dry, but her info is pretty solid…give it a chance.

34 Yogesh

She looks nervous in this video for some reason, last one was much much better.

Pam you got a great smile, use it!

35 sockmoney

From reading the comments… I get the impression most folks are not listening… but just watching… kind of like those commercials at the halftime of the superbowl… no one really remembers what product was being advertised… ;-)

I find the video updates a nice change of pace Shoe… mixes it up a bit…

36 Grim Reporter

Solution – if you just want a perve and don’t like that she is reading, listen to it muted.
If you just want the info, and think she doesn’t smile enough, just listen, don’t watch!

37 Yogesh

What is there to listen? She is just talking about other blog posts (which i have read) without too much inputs from her side, so the only thing you can do is talk about her presentation. Had she been talking about some real deal, then surely it would have been another case!

38 Rebecca Kelley

Nope, she doesn’t work for us. I don’t know who she is (though I think she’s good on video, and not for pervy reasons).

39 Rebecca Kelley

I try too hard to be funny? That’s a first. I’ll admit that my posts for Shoe are sometimes lazy, which means that I’m not poring over each sentence trying to figure out how to stuff a “zinger” in there so everyone will think I’m hilarious.

40 motorsportBABESau

Sexy Halloween Costumes FTW!!!

41 spidro

nice information i love the love your IT guy part

42 chetan

Man this kind of video’s with cleav*** works? ;)

43 Geoff

awesome video ;-)

44 John M Weaver

Keep giving the props to Pam! :) She rocks!

45 Bluestreak

You get the feeling Pam is just some girl Shoemoney picked up at a nudie bar to help promote his site? I wonder if Pamcakes used to be her stage name?

Honestly, what is this bimbo’s credentials that we should give a flying leap what she thinks?

46 Tony Smith

Funny stuff.

47 Steven Finch

Pam looks nice on camera, but the review is just boring! Spice it up a bit

48 Link Snitch

I would have to 2nd that. Nice use of Pam.

49 Link Snitch

No offense shoe, but you should use her every week. Even if you talk just like her do charades or something. :)

50 Reverse Funnel System Blog

Video no longer exist..

51 Trenton Deisher

This is a fascinating piece. Looking forward to reading more of your outputs.

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