Stopping People From Bidding On Your Trademark – At Least On Google Adwords

Sometime last year I got our attorneys working on filing to trademark several things that we hold. Every thing from ShoeMoney to clickshield to nextpimp and other items.

On September 25 2007 we received notice from the United States Patent and Trademark office that our trademark for SHOEMONEY had been approved:

Now we could always legally have gone after people who infringed on our trademark but one thing that always bugged me was the PPC Trademark bidding. Everytime I did a search for ShoeMoney all these jerk off companies would come up that were trying to make a buck off of my brand and that bugged me. (I am such a hypocrite at the same time as I do a lot of trademark bidding on the other end).

So now that we got our shiney new registered trademark I thought I would give it a test run and file with Google. I filled out this form and today I received this from the Google Adwords Team. (still waiting to hear from Microsoft and Yahoo but really do they matter? )

Its cool when you fill out the Google Adwords form for your trademark because you can give it Google Adwords Account ID’s that you give permission to use your trademark (like mine).

From: “Google AdWords Trademark Team”
Date: November 1, 2007 4:13:04 PM CDT
Subject: Re: Google AdWords Trademark Complaint processed – SHOEMONEY

Hello Jeremy,

Thank you for sending us your trademark complaint letter. Your complaint
has been processed and the ad texts in question no longer include your
trademark: SHOEMONEY.

Please note, we only processed the exact trademark you submitted. If you
would like us to investigate variations or misspellings of your trademark,
please supply us with a list of the exact variations or misspellings and
we will review them.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any additional questions or

Best Regards,

Google AdWords Trademark Team

And now as you can see below only my Adwords account is able to bid on “shoemoney”