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8,500+ – Views on YouTube in the first TWO DAYS for PamCakes SEM recap video Considering it was posted early Saturday morning and the weekend is about 60% less traffic on my blog then during the week I think she might want to consider a future in video blogging on SEM ;).

Pam Lund

34,100 – Is the number of dumb asses who just told google they are selling paid links (its so funny people running around wondering what magic algorithm Google is using to figure out who is selling paid links…..)

Course a bunch of those are doups but an interesting query…

13,600 blogs mention pagerank in the last 7 days

7 is the Google Pagerank that copy blogger Brian Clark ended up with after the b5 blog network brass called up Google and raised some hell.

57 thoughts on “Fun Numbers

  1. wethead

    haha – Great #’s :)

    Yet people still think “google is dumb” and can’t see this stuff,

    I love how people forget the “one” “golden rule”


    Its like someone coming into your house knowing all the “secret spots” , yea you know like the places you hide money etc,

    So why do people think that a company worth BILLIONS and $500 + a share stock can’t see paid or bad links,

    Nice post and for all you link sellers, they will catch you , youll see :)

  2. Justin Cook

    Umm, no…. These people are placing a call to a PHP function on their website. The PHP code should be invisible, as it’s executed server-side. If implemented properly, the TLA code should be transparent on a website…

  3. Gecko Tales

    Put a pretty girl on anything and it does better. No longer will I be a balding guy with a gut. Now I’m going to only show myself as a hot 21 year old coed. That should help my stats.

  4. Tom

    How come I only see 4,430 on Pam’s youtube video? Do they not count off-site views? If not that is crap considering they are all loading off of their server.

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  6. serge

    do you know how many of those views came directly from Youtube, yoursite, or google search? would be interesting to know. I did a video for my business and it comes up on the first page usually in the first three sites for my key words. Video is the way to go.

  7. big money

    Here’s what I’m wondering, how could copy blogger just call up Google and ask for a higher pagerank? Does anyone know the phone number to Google? I think I want a higher pagerank too lol.

  8. Brian Clark

    PR 7 is the rank Copyblogger would have gotten regardless, if only I hadn’t been wrongly lumped in with other who got the “warning” from Google.

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  10. Dave

    It’s not about seeing the TLA code on your site. It works like this:

    1) TLA used to allow a buyer to view the site they were about to purchase a link on. People always thought it didn’t matter because Google couldn’t actually see the sites, only humans could. But what about humans that work at google? Danger!
    2) Software starts with a handful of sites that sell links, then follows those links to link buyers. Software goes out and finds other links with the same anchor text to discover more sellers and does a similar analysis on that site to determine if they actually are link sellers.
    3) Repeat 50million times and you have a crapload of sites. But just by starting with a bunch of sites of known link sellers and known link buyers, you can find a lot.

    I’ve talked to someone who has seen it demonstrated (the employee who built the software went on to work at Google). It’s mostly a manual process, but you can find thousands of link sellers in a matter of minutes.

    I have no idea why TLA waited so long to hide their network of sites. TLB has been doing it for a long time. I guess everyone just needs to get a littler sneakier.


    And now it’s almost 13k! The video was great! A lot better than all the other SEO blog videos that I ever seen.
    When I first saw her I was thinking that she was going to read some script, but she doesnt look like that! Great job shoe!

  12. Mike

    I’m finding that adsense on my many sites is paying diddly. I mean ridiculous. Are there other programs that would be worth looking at? I’m in the golf niche, so I need targeted ads for golfers. I look forward to hearing from somone (or maybe even Jeremy;)).

  13. Neon

    not everyone is technically good at coding. most just apply certain plugin. for us better knowledge in coding, we can implement it better with transparency. sometimes, their site have scripting problem.. which output errors… and so ‘fortunately’ google indexed the error page.

  14. Neon

    dont think google is interested in finding only few sites.
    they will want to find solution to hit the mass.
    however, they could go to TLA or similar marketplace as a customer and see how their implementation works.

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  16. Thor Schrock

    Video is going to continue to increase in popularity and effectiveness as long as Internet marketers can continue to find new ways to integrate it into their marketing platforms without it looking like yesterday’s YouTube.

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