MmMm Affiliate Cookie Killers

CPA Affiliates had a post last week about spybot search and distroy and how its eating commission junction cookies.

It reminded me of a article written a while back by Ben Edelman for Vinny Lingham covering all networks and programs. Its a very… very… well researched document and contains tons of information. I highly suggest you read it.

So… between cookie eaters/spyware/adware/stuffers I would go on record to say from what I have seen and heard dealing with most of the top networks that use cookies to track up to 70% of ALL cookies placed are either fraudulent or discarded by 3rd party programs.

So when it comes to CPA/Affiliate stuff what is the answer? In my opinion ALL the blame falls on the affiliate networks. Commission Junction, AzoogleAds, Cpaempire, Copeac, Nevertrueads, Milnic Media whoeverads…

Now.. I would like to see cookie tracking gone forever. This is actually something me and dillsmack have debated a lot. Every time I come up with a new way to do 100% server side tracking he creates scenarios in which it would fail. Its clear to me that cookie tracking is not going anywhere. So who is to blame and what should they do?

They all need to do a much better job with:

1) Fraud detection – not detecting fraudulent leads or cookie stuffing leads to crappy leads which in turn the advertising companies will have to write off in there budget.

2) Working together – The problem IMO is the lack of communication between the companies. So often you see some dirtbag get kicked out of A-List affiliate company for fraud just switch to B and C list companies. So the problem is not fixed.

3) Quit working with jackasses. The reason the cookies are being eaten by these 3rd party programs is because they have done some really shady stuff or allowed shady stuff to happen.

You are probably thinking that its not that big of deal right? That 3rd party companies cant really be eating that many cookies? Well right now in Googles software bundle (the one you get 1$ per install for) there are applications that will eat your affiliate cookies. And speaking of Google how long do you think it will be before Google starts blocking affiliate urls they know are these affilaite companies?

Anyway 😉 What do you think?