Party Like A RockStar At Pubcon

Roll with the rockstars
Announcing the Party Like A RockStar At Pubcon conference sponosored by Unique Blog Designs and such Sure Hits.

You want to go to a search engine conference? You want to rock all the “private parties” ? YOU WANNA PARTY IN LAS VEGAS?!?!?What you will win:Paid Round-Trip Airfare to Las Vegas
Paid Hotel Dec 4-7, 2007
Paid-for Full Conference Pass
$500 Spending Money

Who is this open to?

This is open to anyone anywhere in the world who wants to goto Las Vegas Pubcon AND have access to all the insiders, parties, and even events that never make it anywhere publicly.

What is required of you to have a chance to win?

1) You should look at the photo gallery from last year’s PubCon and make sure you know what you’re in for. These parties are no joke and if you can’t get up @8am to go to all the sessions and party until 2am+ then this is probably not for you! (also feel free to use them in your posts)

2) You must be able to fly to Las Vegas (we will cover the costs) This means if your outside the united states you need to have a valid passport or the ability to come to the United States (legally)

3) Write a blog post about why you should win the Roll With The Rockstars contest and post your link in the comments.

The finalists will be picked by November 10th and a winner will be chosen by the 15th! GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

Your judges-

Dax Herrera“Rolling like an SEO Rockstar means one thing to me: you take your pants off louder than you talk business.Questions are right out the window for an SEO Rockstar. Anything that starts with “What do you think of…?” Is not something from the mouth of a “baller” or a “shot-caller”. Put some juevos on the line and throw out opinions like you’re bailing out a sinking canoe.I’d like to hear what you’re going to do in Vegas with $500. None of it better be going home.”
Rebecca Kelley
“If you’re going to roll with the rockstars at Pubcon, you have to be one funny mofo. None of this wallflower B.S., because that ain’t gonna fly with us. Can you bring the snark? Can you cash in on the clever? Can you make an observation so witty and rad that we’ll bust our guts, stand back and stare at you, and say “Damn dude, I should hire you to be my office jester!” Oh, and if you can dish it out you have to be able to take it, too. We don’t want to hang with people we can’t tease. So what if you’re an SEO noob? If you’re a good sport, funny, and have the ability to knock back a few and stay out late, you’re all right in our book.”
Neil Patel“If you are looking to talk shop all day, that is cool, but I’m looking for someone who is fun. If you want to roll you need a personality and need to be able to hang until late hours of the day. The most important thing is you need to know is how to get drunk and get loose.”
Greg Hartnett“I’m going to be looking for a guy or girl that has a great sense of humor, likes to drink and since it’s Vegas, likes to play cards. I could care less about their industry experience or what they do for a living. We’re looking for somebody who knows how to have a good time and can hang until the wee hours of the morning.”
David DellanaveI don’t care if you’re funny or witty or cute. If you want to roll with us, Pubcon or anywhere else, you better be able to bring it. No SEO newbies or Hello World programmers need apply. If you can’t rank #1 for viagra in a few hours, you’re not a rockstar. If you can’t build a site in assembly overnight with just 1 can of Red Bull and a DiGiorno, you’re not a rockstar. Rolling with us involves copious amounts of drinking and fighting, and we leave behind our fallen. So if you can’t hang, don’t even think about applying.

Entries so far:

I just want to be clear we have not recieved any financial or endorsement from Brett Tabke or The Pubcon Conference.

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